I took a photo many years ago, when I first started taking pictures of Mike, my older brother.*  I have never been able to make contact with Mike and pursued a long-term photography project in an attempt to understand him better. He was relaxing in his classroom when I came in. The bulletin board was a […]

Edge of the Brain

I have been using an icon consisting of interlocking ‘C’s in a number of my watercolor studies. My composition below is a visual explanation of that icon. The idea of the interlocking ‘C’s come from a electron micrograph of a cross section of the brain through the hippocampus.  I have expanded in much more detail in […]

Harlequin Pattern

This is the third in my series of abstract sketches using checked patterns within triangular shapes.  In this version, the vertices of each triangle are more acute than the previous sketches (Seeking Inspiration and Abstract with Grids and Circles).  The visual planes set up by the triangles are subdivided into grids of diamond shapes instead […]

Imported Graffiti

The Berlin Wall fell in 1989. I’m not sure where all of it ended up, but I do know that I saw sections of it on one of my walks in Manhattan in June of 1991. From what I understand, artists began expressing themselves by writing on the 14-foot-high wall in the 1980s. All of […]

Grief: Where To Begin?

Many of you, like me, may be classic movie fans. I tend to gravitate toward Film Noir. I’m a noiry kind of guy. Also, crime films. One can learn a lot from movies. Just the other day, I was watching White Heat, starring Jimmy Cagney. He played a sociopathic, homicidal momma’s boy named Cody. Cody […]

The Service

We had Mom’s funeral service at the graveside. I have been to this cemetery many times before. My mother’s mother and father are there as are her uncles and aunts; my aunt and uncle are there. And now my own mother and father are there. It’s the ultimate family reunion site. Yesterday I was concerned […]

Back at the Airport

The jitters are gone (from my consciousness at least). I have no idea why. I’m at the airport as I write this. I was at the airport almost two weeks ago, traveling back east to celebrate Mom’s 90th birthday. The day I left to return home, Mom had to go to the hospital. She isn’t […]

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