I am reading a lot about memory. An integral link in the chain of the process that is memory lies deep in the brain. It is called the hippocampus. It looks like a sea horse, which is also known as hippocampus (hippos – Greek for horse and kampos – Greek for sea monster). The cloud […]

Edge of the Brain

I have been using an icon consisting of interlocking ‘C’s in a number of my watercolor studies. My composition below is a visual explanation of that icon. The idea of the interlocking ‘C’s come from a electron micrograph of a cross section of the brain through the hippocampus.  I have expanded in much more detail in […]

Brain Abstract

Today’s watercolor experiment: Today is another sketch in my ‘brain series’ (Brain Teasers, Memory Fades, Untitled). In keeping with tradition (that I started yesterday), I did not assign a meaningful name to this sketch.  It qualifies as part of the brain series because it was inspired by a structure in the brain called the hippocampus.  The […]

Memory Fades

Today’s watercolor experiment: This is the third watercolor study in my ‘brain series’. (Previous studies: Compartmentalization and Brain Teasers.) I began by taking my pencil point for a walk (thank you, Paul Klee, for that metaphor). I made a continuous line beginning at the upper right side of the picture plane, stylizing the contours of half the […]

Little Thought Experiment

No, I don’t mean A Little Thought Experiment, as in “eine kleine gedanken experiment”.  I mean, I gave this watercolor experiment very little thought. I started looking up references concerning Paul Klee’s iconography, with plans to research similar traits of Joan Miró, but threw up my hands. Too much research, too little time to write a blog. […]