Japanese Garden

There were so many trees, each of them different: different kinds of leaves, different tones, different shadings. The sketch below is a meditation. I could have worked on it all day. The overcast lighting would not have changed the shadowing that much. I have a photograph of this scene, so I can get back to […]

Drying Off Under the Umbrella

These young ladies were drying off after a dunk in the pool. When I draw more than one figure, I lightly sketch them in, to get the relative positions of each. In the drawing below, the figure on the far right was too big at first. I re-drew it with a heavier sketch of the […]

Out with Family and Friends

I’ve said before that I try not to use erasers. One exception to my self-imposed rule is when I sketch family and friends, especially when there it is very likely they will see it.  I think the sketch below is a fair representation of our very nice outing. I only used the eraser once.

People Playing Cards or Having a Business Meeting

This is the first time in a while that I sketched across the fold in a journal. It is nice to work with a bigger format (twice the width of an individual page), but the division is a physical impediment to drawing. If the pencil approaches from one direction, it encounters a bump; the other […]

Girl with Triangular Arm

This girl must have been cold. She had her hand inside her sleeve and, given the sweater’s bagginess, formed a triangle when she leaned her elbow on the table. With this sketch, I began a new sketchbook, a Moleskin, medium-sized notebook. It is a bit bigger than pocket sized but I am looking forward to […]

Woman Waiting For Her Car To Be Washed

That this woman was snoozing was my good fortune. A car wash waiting room is not the same as a cafe where everyone reads. In fact, the woman sitting next to me remarked that the woman I was sketching was a good subject.

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