Sea Scape Inspired by Paul Klee

I began this composition with a series of parallel lines that I drew free-handed. I was thinking of Paul Klee’s compositions that consist of adjacent strips of color. Some of his compositions are made up of seemingly random squares of colors, arrayed in parallel configurations. I used the parallel lines as a skeleton on which […]

Figure and Eye

I’ve always enjoyed Paul Klee’s whimsical creatures and figures. I tried one of my own. I drew it with a bead of latex frisket, which so happened to deposit actual rubber beads and regular intervals. After some washes, and the removal of the mask, I outlined the  white spaces with sepia ink. Maybe it is […]

Abstract After Klee

Paul Klee tweeted ‘Heroic Roses‘ the other day. I liked the thick, black, maze-like traces that wind into a rose form. I created the abstract below, not with the idea of recreating a rose, but rather for the black traces. I wanted to make my own maze. While I didn’t accomplish ‘maze’ status, I did […]

Before Going Away

I was very, very nervous the night before I was to go away to college for the first time. Even though this was more than 45 years ago, I still remember how agitated I was. I had a recording of some of Bach’s organ music. The pieces that helped me the most were Toccata And Fugue […]

Search Horse

I am enthralled with the black lines that Paul Klee uses in many of his compositions. I understand that he used them in his later work to guide the viewers’ eyes around the the artwork. Ensconced in these maze-like traces are iconic figures. I tried emulating this style is some of my previous experiments (Study […]

Woman in Casual Dress

I like Paul Klee‘s artwork so much that I follow him on twitter. I tried emulating his piece, Woman in Peasant Dress, which was twittered earlier today. Of course, there is no comparison between the two compositions. What I had in mind was to break up the space with wide ink lines, which Klee uses […]

Portrait in Two Lines (Plus Eyelashes)

I look at a lot of Paul Klee‘s work. He was a Bauhaus Master, teacher and prolific artist. He likened drawing to “taking a pencil point for a walk”. I’ve taken this aphorism to heart in trying to reduce my sketches to their basic elements. Below is a simple portrait.

Imperfect Memory

I’ve been reading about Richard Diebenkorn, trying to understand how he created his works of art. I know that every creative person has his or her own way of ‘making [ideas] visible’ (to borrow a phrase that Paul Klee, Bauhaus Master, used to describe how an artist creates). I became so sleepy while attempting to […]

Untitled – Geometric

The inspiration for today’s painting was ‘Six Species‘, a painting by Paul Klee, Bauhaus Master (and my hero), drawn to my attention by a tweet from @artistklee. I began by trying to replicate the halo effect from Klee’s composition. Instead, my shapes became the leading edge of a gradient that faded from dark to light. I did […]