Abstract After Klee

Paul Klee tweeted ‘Heroic Roses‘ the other day. I liked the thick, black, maze-like traces that wind into a rose form. I created the abstract below, not with the idea of recreating a rose, but rather for the black traces. I wanted to make my own maze. While I didn’t accomplish ‘maze’ status, I did […]

Before Going Away

I was very, very nervous the night before I was to go away to college for the first time. Even though this was more than 45 years ago, I still remember how agitated I was. I had a recording of some of Bach’s organ music. The pieces that helped me the most were Toccata And Fugue […]

Search Horse

I am enthralled with the black lines that Paul Klee uses in many of his compositions. I understand that he used them in his later work to guide the viewers’ eyes around the the artwork. Ensconced in these maze-like traces are iconic figures. I tried emulating this style is some of my previous experiments (Study […]

Woman in Casual Dress

I like Paul Klee‘s artwork so much that I follow him on twitter. I tried emulating his piece, Woman in Peasant Dress, which was twittered earlier today. Of course, there is no comparison between the two compositions. What I had in mind was to break up the space with wide ink lines, which Klee uses […]

Portrait in Two Lines (Plus Eyelashes)

I look at a lot of Paul Klee‘s work. He was a Bauhaus Master, teacher and prolific artist. He likened drawing to “taking a pencil point for a walk”. I’ve taken this aphorism to heart in trying to reduce my sketches to their basic elements. Below is a simple portrait.

Imperfect Memory

I’ve been reading about Richard Diebenkorn, trying to understand how he created his works of art. I know that every creative person has his or her own way of ‘making [ideas] visible’ (to borrow a phrase that Paul Klee, Bauhaus Master, used to describe how an artist creates). I became so sleepy while attempting to […]

Untitled – Geometric

The inspiration for today’s painting was ‘Six Species‘, a painting by Paul Klee, Bauhaus Master (and my hero), drawn to my attention by a tweet from @artistklee. I began by trying to replicate the halo effect from Klee’s composition. Instead, my shapes became the leading edge of a gradient that faded from dark to light. I did […]

Road Trip

Today I tried to combine story telling with iconography, as the Bauhaus Master, Paul Klee did. However, as I understand the art of Klee, he had very few preconceptions of the final outcome of his painting. He would take his pencil point ‘for a walk’ and let his creativity guide him. His astute design sense […]

The Cymbalist

Once again, I was inspired by Paul Klee, Bauhaus Master, for today’s experiment. The Kettle Drummer was in the back of my mind, but Blue Bird Pumpkin gave me the idea for a solid background that surround two colored disks. I am satisfied with this composition as a first step of exploration of this subject. […]

Bird Watching Bird

Below is another sketch, whose inspiration came from the pictures on the inside of my eyelids, the other day. (I don’t consider them dream images, since they were in front of me. When I dream, I am immersed in the vision.) I’ve always aspired to create a simple line drawing like those that seemed to flow […]