Hand Fantasy

Most of this past week, I have been fascinated with hands. My younger brother is an accomplished pianist, and I’ve been watching him intently as he played, during his visit. We talked quite a bit about music and the connection between hands and the brain with music as the intermediary. As a direct result of […]

Craggy Lines

What would happen if an abstract expressionist had a job painting parking lot space indicators? S/he would have to stay inside the pattern (no thinking outside the box in that job). Perhaps applying thick paint, scraping off and re-applying would be one technique that could resist a supervisor’s frown, while being true to an expressionistic […]


It is difficult to draw a free-form design without a preconceived image. I started the pattern below with just a couple of ideas in my mind: curves that open up to the edge of the page; wavy curves. The raw pattern sketched in pencil enclosed many areas of varying size. However, for the most part, […]


I have always been attracted to textures. I never realized that painted lines on the street of in the parking lot could be so…  thick.  Once I thought I saw lines being sprayed on the street. I suppose that the workmen could use a paint brush if need be. How else could this vertex have […]

Rescued Cacti

For the longest time, the bowl of cacti sat by the side of the house. Most of the other plants in my cactus/succulent garden had died. I thought the cacti were dead too. They were half submerged in the dirt, gray looking, no green anywhere. I put the round pot back in the sunlight on […]


Rough drive back home. Made great time for about 300 miles then, out of nowhere, the road was like a parking lot. The rest of the trip took forever, and I’m beat. I say this by way of apology for not posting a new watercolor. I made a number of attempts to sketch William, my […]

Street Shadow

The scene below caught my attention. The shadow told me exactly what street signs were attached to the pole. However, the design cast on the sidewalk is interesting even if we don’t know its origin. The signs are transformed from three dimensions to the same two dimensional space as the arrow spray-painted on the sidewalk. […]

Park Bench Series No. 1

I made it to the park, on one of my walks. It’s a hike, but I need the exercise. There are quite a variety of benches along the path around the lake. Each bench provided a view very similar to the others. The view, therefore was not the subject of the photograph. The upcoming set […]