Splat with Indistinct Borders

I was thinking about how difficult it might be to excise a tumor with indistinct borders. I splatted several brush fulls of paint on the canvas and tried to outline each drip with an ink pen. I kept thinking that if I missed one, it could be fatal.  I’m glad I’m not a surgeon.  

Late ‘Pink Sheet’

Everyone in a waiting room has a story. Sometimes stories play out in acts.  Prior to the arrival of this gentleman, a half-dozen people holding pink pieces of paper were seated in the waiting area. They were all called into another area. I was the only one aware of the dramatic situation when this man, […]

First Foray with Compromised Materials

I decided to ease back into watercolor this year.  A while ago I poured some latex watercolor resist (frisket) onto a 12×16″ block of watercolor paper. On each occasion that I passed by the studio, I saw the frisket design and thought about how to develop it. On new year’s day I started painting.  When […]