Parking Lot Lines at Night

Light at night is not natural. Photographing incandescent, fluorescent, mercury vapor, neon and other kinds of lamps at night, leave a multitude of different colors on film. The subject of today’s photo is illuminated by artificial lights of the night. The night lighting reflected off the subject result in a flat, dull uniformly lit pattern. The […]

A Little Off

This is the fresh-water version of my sewer picture from the other day (Sewer Askew). In that post I rued the misalignment of the entitled sewer cover with the its surrounding concrete in which it was mounted. Today I saw this water line access cap. As with the sewer cap title, it is also not […]

Sewer Askew

Apparently, the people who have a penchant for order (i.e., centering things, arranging dollar bills to face the same way or, putting them in sequence of serial number (or Federal Reserve Bank from which they originated)), were not on duty when this sewer cap was installed. When I took the photo, I squared up the […]

Nesting Dolls

I continued working on Free Form Experiment that I began on September 28, 2017. I used wide lines to shade areas bounding the original shapes filled with thinner lines. This collection of newly shaded, abutted forms are themselves surrounded with a neutral tint. When I look at the entire composition, I can see multiple outlines […]

Plumed Bird

I have altered my approach slightly to my free form designs. I pencil in the design first, as I usually do. Then I begin to paint in the areas subtended by the lines. If those areas, taken together, suggest a theme, I paint areas to further that idea and ignore the penciled-in lines. I noticed […]

Derelict Parking Lot

I took the street photograph below in a derelict parking lot. None of the buildings surrounding the lot were in bad shape, but the painted spaces were worn out. The condition of a white-outlined solid blue square told me that a former handicapped parking spot now welcomed anyone.  Here is a portion of that space:

Between the Lines

I keep my eye open for interesting manhole covers, street signs, unusual painted lines in parking lots, but one of my original ‘go-to’ subjects is clouds. Many times, cloud formations are the most compelling, but once in a while a single cloud can hold its own.

Taking Pills

Usually, taking pills is no big deal. However, it does take on special significance under certain conditions. For example, doctors have determined that treatment of certain diseases require a cocktail of pills to be given with precise timing. Less drastic, but other very important schedules of pill administrations include antibiotics. When a doctor decides that […]