Mondrian 300

I’ve been finding lost Mondrians all over the place. Here is Mondrian 300. Here is where I found it. Very clever, to change orientation. Didn’t fool me though. I will keep you all posted on any new finds. (Here are my previous successes: Found Art, More Found Art, Found Art In Situ, Mondrian 002 OXY, […]

Abstract 060317: Ink and Watercolor

I had no preconceptions before I started drawing lines for this composition. The first line was the curve that is now adjacent to the yellow-orange color. The next was a wide check-mark-like line that defined the space above the first curve. I like my broad-tipped dip pen. It is a bit old, so sometimes when I […]

Arrows with Mace and Squiggles

This one was fun. I used a compass to draw the overlapping circles and a triangle to draw the spikes on the mace balls. I penned the two converging lines and their parallels. I used latex frisket to draw the squiggles and to mask against the blues. I like the cartoonish quality of this work.

Color and Lines – Abstract

I began today with my very thick-nibbed dip pen. I love the fat lines it makes and the thin ones, if drawn in a perpendicularly to the ‘fat line’ making direction. I’ve read that some oil painters work on their canvas for a while and, if they don’t like what they see in one section […]


Matisse used patterns of swirls and vine-like curves in the paintings I’ve been reading about. At the moment I’m not clear about his use of these complex ornamentations, but my impression is that, like the late compositions of Paul Klee, the eye of the viewer isn’t given much of a resting place. Somehow (I have read), […]