Etsy Shop Development: Listing of Items Not Directly Related to Autism

All items in my Etsy Shop will not be directly related to my experience with autism. My vision, the urge I have to snap the shutter on my camera, is driven by a sensibility nurtured my experiences with my brother Mike. I get a lot of pleasure from paying close attention to my surroundings finding […]

Harlequin Pattern

This is the third in my series of abstract sketches using checked patterns within triangular shapes.  In this version, the vertices of each triangle are more acute than the previous sketches (Seeking Inspiration and Abstract with Grids and Circles).  The visual planes set up by the triangles are subdivided into grids of diamond shapes instead […]

The Past is Nothing New

My Dad was a theoretical physicist, and was always open to answering any questions that I had. I owe my father a great debt of gratitude for his voracious appetite for life. Some of that rubbed off. I am reminded of him because I just found something interesting in one of my journals from 1993. […]

Artist’s Statement

I think I can encapsulate my process of exploring my relationship with my brother as a (sometimes) systematic organization of information I had already (i.e., family photographs, my early writing) combined with a search for new information. This involved getting more involved with Mike’s life to see what it was like, documenting my experiences with […]

After Beginning

So I started taking pictures of my brother, and I had a vague idea of the book I wanted to write. What happens next? I took more photography courses and classes about refining my vision. I found that I had to filter through advice about composing a photographic memoir and make some decisions. For example, […]

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