Ruffled Feathers

I was watching a green heron stalk tiny air bubbles the other day.  It stood up and ruffled its feathers for a bit. Shortly after that it flew away. Below is a watercolor pencil sketch (sans wash) of that ruffled moment.

Green Heron Kneeling

I love birds. Especially birds with interesting coloring. I saw a blue and reddish streak fly by me yesterday as I was walking on the edge of the lake. It seemed about to land, but I lost sight of it as it passed some tall reeds. I continued slowly and discovered the bird standing on […]

Woman with Drying Nails, on the Phone

As an observer at a nail salon the other day, I noticed that the penultimate stage of a pedicure required the use of a tissue paper brass knuckle arrangement to keep the toes apart so they would dry properly. Nothing of the sort was offered for the hands, however. The lady pictured below was doing […]

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