This study began with five parallel lines upon which music could be written. The lines continued, but lost their parallel order with two lines escaping their nature as potential recipients of musical notes. I took the outstretched, five-fingered hand from a photograph of someone expressing exasperation. I took the other hand (thumb and forefinger) from […]

Memory and Painting

Matisse, his Notes of a Painter he does not endorse working purely from nature or purely from imagination. He states, “… I think that one can judge the vitality and power of an artist who, after having received impressions directly from the spectacle of nature, is able to organize his sensations to continue his work in […]

Mike Portrait No. 5, June 2017

The fifth of this series of portraits of my brother Mike* is a bit different than the others. Mike would often display fits of rage, directed at himself. Some docs thought he was Tourettic, others thought it was a behavioral issue. The point is, Mike could be frightening. I weathered the storm and didn’t believe […]

Getting Inside Out

I recently bought a turntable that has a computer connection. Now comes the fun part: recording hundreds of my vinyl records that I bought in the 1970s and 1980s. Most of my long playing records are folk music: Irish ulleann bagpipes pipes; English Northumbrian folksongs; Jewish Klezmer music; Old Timey (pre-bluegrass) American music; French hurdy […]


I took a photo many years ago, when I first started taking pictures of Mike, my older brother.*  I have never been able to make contact with Mike and pursued a long-term photography project in an attempt to understand him better. He was relaxing in his classroom when I came in. The bulletin board was a […]

Violin Memory – After Klee

I used to play the violin. I still have the one my friend from a violin-making school made for me. It is a beautiful copy of a Guarneri del Gesu. I’m scared to death to look at it, as I haven’t taken it out in a very long time. Paul Klee was a musician as well […]

Can’t Forget the Past

I came across some unfinished drawings made by my granddaughter, in scouring my stash for paper. I began my folding process and used some watercolor crayons to mark the creases. I didn’t have much of an idea about how to treat the original sketch, so I filled in the boxes, made by the intersecting lines, […]