Back Pain

Lately it is difficult to distinguish between normal aches and pains and the pains that will only increase with the onset of decrepitude. Is my arm pain related to my back? Pinched nerve? Arthritis? Worse? Is this a harbinger of what is to come?

Moth-eaten Brain

As I understand things, when one gets older, one’s brain shrinks. I guess more space appears between the skull and the brain, since old people’s heads don’t get smaller. I’m not feeling too young these days. This is my impression of an older, moth-eaten brain.

Fear of Falling

Today’s study is about fear. It’s not about being afraid to hit the dirt, but rather fear for those getting older and gradually losing what they once had. There are transitions in life: from being a pre-teenager to teenager hood; from being a student to working for a living; from being a worker to being […]

When I’m Sixty-Four

My brother called me up today on the videophone. I was amazed at that technology when I first saw it back in 1964 at the World’s Fair in Flushing, NY.  Fantastic things were to come. I answered the phone and my brother didn’t speak at first. I just saw him at the piano playing an old […]

Youth and Age

I was always fascinated by the work of the master photographers who worked in the 1930s forward,  but I was very a very shy person. I came upon the scene below in February of 1991. I couldn’t resist. I used a tripod and a camera with a very short lens, so the lady in the picture did not […]

Looking Up

Below is another of my photos from Burbank in sunnier days.  (It’s been raining since we’ve been here.)  William, my grandson is looking up at me. I think he is asking me something. I am able to understand Will much better these days. He will be three years old next week and, although he communicates […]

They Took Out the Tree!

Today (April 18th) is my little brother’s 59th birthday. Oy Vey! Between now and July, I am only 3 years older than Dave. Come July, I will be 4 years older. Our older brother Mike is 65. To those of you who are new to my blog, Mike is autistic, very low functioning and has […]

Grief: Where To Begin?

Many of you, like me, may be classic movie fans. I tend to gravitate toward Film Noir. I’m a noiry kind of guy. Also, crime films. One can learn a lot from movies. Just the other day, I was watching White Heat, starring Jimmy Cagney. He played a sociopathic, homicidal momma’s boy named Cody. Cody […]

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