Portrait in a Bean

Today is the first time we actually traveled to Chicago proper. It was the tourist thing. I haven’t seen big old buildings in quite a while, certainly not in San Jose. I enjoyed seeing gargoyles again, and bricks that weren’t a quarter-inch thick and made of vinyl. The portrait I forgot my regular camera, so […]

More Anticipation

My upcoming visit to see my mother and my two brothers is on my mind these days. My visit to New Jersey is coming up in less than a week. I’ll be staying with Mom, and we’ll visit little bro in northern Jersey. All of us will drive out to see my older brother in […]


School I went to a school reunion once many years ago. High school. It won’t happen again. Reunions are for times one wants to remember, or re-live. Extended family Family reunions are a little different for me. My growing-up family wasn’t that big, but even so, visits we’d have were segmented. We’d drive out to […]

Different Strokes

Different folks I was thinking about how babies react to different people. William seems to be happier with me than with his Nanna, for example. Now, the interesting part is, I haven’t had the experience of raising kids of my own, so I really don’t know what I am doing. But when I hold William, […]

6 Months Later: Being a New Sibling

Six months ago, I interviewed my granddaughter just before her baby brother was born. Sidra agreed to speak with me once again at a later time to give me an update. We began our chat toward the end of the massage she was giving William. Here is our conversation: Zayde (me): What is it like […]

Practice Roll

I haven’t shot a roll of film in quite a while. In fact, I had to drive 20 miles from home just to purchase some. Today I went for a walk and took some practice shots. I didn’t trust the in-camera meter reading, so I brought along my hand-held meter. I haven’t used that in […]

Shape and Size

Baby William is doing very well. He is a lot different from when he was a week old. Back then, I couldn’t even get his attention. I suppose, since he was busy getting used to living in an air environment, that’s understandable. Plus the fact that his gaze, focused at about 8-10 inches according to […]

Ready, Set… JUMP!

William said his first word to me yesterday. Amazing for a 6 month old, but true. This is how it happened… He was standing on my lap and I made up this game. I said, “Ready… set…. JUMP!!” He seemed to enjoy it, so we just kept playing. I knew he was anticipating the jump, when I […]


My Dad had a thing for geniuses. He was an odd mixture of intelligence, adolescence, social awkwardness and confidence. One thing for sure, he admired the intellectual and emotional achievements of geniuses long past such as Mozart, Beethoven, Fermat, Poincaré. Those he admired who lived contemporaneously with him included Einstein, Norbert Wiener and von Neumann, […]

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