Lesson 8 – Enhanced Landscape

Today’s warmup exercise: The book from which I am learning, the Tate Watercolour Manual, Lessons from the Great Masters by Tony Smibert and Joyce Townsend suggests an exercise combining techniques from previous lessons.  Below is my practice chart, wherein I painted 4 miniature landscapes. The first step is painting a variegated wash using yellow ochre and a blue […]

Her Master’s Voice

I used to have quite a number of old fashion record players. I suppose that the all are old fashioned at this point, but what I mean is I had players that unleashed the sound of the 1/4″ thick Edison Records and cylinders from the turn of the last century. I had crank-activated Victrolas – […]

Ghost of Thanksgiving Past

It must have been post Thanksgiving guilt. One sees things depending on one’s mood, frequently. Or at least I do. I was on the way to the store for some slimming products when I noticed a leaf on the ground. It wasn’t so much the leaf that caught my attention, but it’s shadow. There it […]


Today’s watercolor experiment: Today’s watercolor is based on my warmup exercise from yesterday (Lesson 7 – Paint Removal). I used the same techniques, but on a larger scale (9×12 instead of ~4×6) and using better quality paper (Arches vs generic paper – both 140# weight, however). Immediately below is the first wash, using neutral tint, […]

Street Smart Leaves

These three leaves (plus one baby leaf) stood out to me. It was late in the day and the sun brought out their tenderness and their toughness. They must have been tough to avoid the street sweeper. People must have sensed that about them as well. Their intactness testifies to the fact that no one dared […]

Lesson 7 – Paint Removal

Today’s warmup exercise: I had fun today and tried some new things.  The idea of the exercise was to discover different ways to manipulate paint once it has been applied to the paper. I started each of my four panels by painting them with neutral tint. this is a grayish brown pigment. I practiced the […]


Today’s watercolor experiment: My warmup exercise today is not directly related to today’s experiment. I love the unpredictability of watercolor washes with more than two colors, so couldn’t resist doing another one today. I began with cerulean blue and washed a small (2″) strip at the top of the paper; cerulean blue seems to require a LOT of […]

Lesson 6 – Painting without Paint Brushes

Today’s warmup exercise: The title of the exercise I tried from the Tate Watercolour Manual, Lessons from the Great Masters by Tony Smibert and Joyce Townsend was ‘Spatter and other marks’.  It prompts the students to use a toothbrush to shpritz watercolors onto the panels of the test chart.  After spattering different colors, the book suggested using […]


Today’s watercolor experiment: Based on my warmup exercise, I decided to use Prussian blue, carmine red and lemon yellow for my variegated wash today. Below is today’s experiment after the first wash: I love the way the upper portion turned out, where the Prussian blue (a greenish blue) merges with the lemon yellow. Even the lower […]

Lesson 5 – More Washing

Today’s warmup: I continued with variegated washes today. Below are 4 panels that look very similar to those in Lesson 4. In the top left panel I used ultramarine blue, lemon yellow and cadmium red light as washes on the upper portion and a line of my gray mixture (cobalt blue and cadmium red light) […]