Man Looking Very Closely at the Table

The subject of this portrait is the same man that I had to use shading to correct. I made certain that I accurately portrayed the proximity of the man’s nose to the table. I think this person may have been reading, but I didn’t see any book on the table. I don’t know what he […]

Physics Lesson

I overheard some of the conversation between the tutor and the tutee. That plus the mathematical symbols on the paper led me to conclude that I was witnessing a physics lesson. I used the blind drawing technique to draw the contours of the heads. Usually, a complete blind drawing results in some dislocation of body […]

Dark Grey Clouds with Bright Spot and Tiny Bird on Left

This photo does not exactly embody to the ‘decisive moment‘ concept as initiated by Henri Cartier Bresson. In fact I didn’t see the birdie until after I snapped the picture. I like the drama in the rest of the photo.