Partly Blind Drawing of Man Leaning on Chair

I have drawn this man before. He usually comes in with another guy, but I guess he wasn’t available for this portrait. In the sketch below, the outline of the man’s head resembles the real man, slightly. My version is more streamlined.

Partly Blind Drawing of Man with Pointy Chin

This sketch continues in the same vein as yesterday’s. It is the second of my small format, semi-blind drawings. The crease between the two pages of the notebook is the dividing line between the head and the face. I’m sure I wasn’t looking at the paper when I traced the contours of the face. I […]

Small Format Blind Portrait of Reader

The smaller 3.5″x5.5″ Moleskin Journal fits more easily in any of my pockets. I only have one pair of trousers whose back pocket can fit the larger 5″x8″ journal. Therefore, with the new notebook, I can rotate my wardrobe that I wear to work. (Although no one has spoken to me about wearing the same […]

Sitting Man, Drawn Blind

I kept track of my strokes in this drawing. The drawing begins with the letter ‘A’, at the top of the man’s forehead; the pen point proceeded to point ‘B’. I lifted the pen and looked at the sketch as I re-positioned it, and marked it as point ‘C’. I continued in this manner until […]

Blind Drawing and Lapse in Concentration

In a blind drawing, one’s gaze follows the contour as the hand holding the pen attempts to limn those curves on paper. One must concentrate. The drawing below shows what happens when concentration fails. I drew the face of the left-most figure twice.