Comic: I.M.O.W.E pg3 I was a good boy. (circa 2011)

Below is the third page of my comic book that synopsizes my childhood as the brother of an autistic, low functioning, nonverbal person. I always wanted to help out. My parents had a rough time of it.

Comic: I’m My Own Worst Enemy (circa 2011)

I made a small comic book a couple of years before I started my blog. The original mission of my blog was to document my experience as the sibling of my older autistic, low functioning, nonverbal brother. I had a lot of writings, photographs, sketches and thoughts to share, which you can see in my […]

Sky Lights

I used my 35mm camera with a red filter for this one. I’m not used to shooting with a regular camera any more. It took more time than I care to admit to set this one up. I like it though.

Sketch Book Series: W.C. Pencil Sketch Back Yard 2009

I think this was the first time I used watercolor pencils. I didn’t mix colors nor, does it seem, did I even add water! Watercolor pencils have their own personality and need to be explored on a different basis than watercolor paints.

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