Scrapbook, Mike’s Toddler Days from ‘My Brother Michael’

Here are some pictures from Mike‘s toddler days. You can see my dad’s father and my mom’s mother hold Mike as a baby.  Dad is trying to interest Mike in the piano. Mike seems to be having fun with mom in one of the photos.  

Catching the Morning Light

During the disruption of the pandemic, I’ve been posting moments from the past. My ‘Vintage Photo Series’ is a reprise of photos from the past of which I’m proud. Lately, in my ‘Mike Sketch Series’, I have practiced my sketching by revisiting old photographs of my brother Mike.  With each sketch, I remember my times […]

Mike Sketch Project: The Beginning, Mike’s 40th Birthday 1989

Today I changed my focus from self portraiture to revisiting images of my older brother Mike. Mike is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal. I started this website in 2013 with Mike as my primary focus. I tried to consolidate, summarize and expand my thoughts and attempts to understand Mike. I shared some of the dynamics […]

Quarantine Portrait Series: Portrait – Relaxing

I did not use a photograph for today’s sketch. This was a lesson in dealing with a live subject with uncontrolled lighting. The likeness is fair, as I didn’t have a picture to study minutely, but there is a learning curve for this type of drawing upon which I just embarked.