Woman with Curved Hair

There are occasions when sketch times are excruciatingly short. The subject below had some very interesting lines. I saw her only in profile; her hair framed her face in curves. My original sketch was very light. I thought I had more time before the woman was called to her appointment. Later, I darkened the outlines […]

Down-the-Stairs Icon

I saw this icon when I was at the hospital the other day. It was on some kind of vinyl material, covering a little nook in the hallway. Presumably, the emergency equipment was behind this curtain. This icon clearly summarizes the use of the going-down-the-stairs equipment. It’s quite good, in fact.  I hope that the […]


There are a lot of bicycle lanes in the area where I live. I see them mainly when I drive my car. I saw the one below on my walk today. They look bigger in person, and a little more… sectioned, than a real bike rider. Glad the icon depicts a rider wearing a helmut. […]

Fifty Lashes

I love opening a new block of watercolor paper. When I opened one today I had a nice surprise. Usually, there is printing all over the black paper that protects the first sheet of paper in the block. Today’s sheet was completely black – no writing at all. It was perfect for my composition. A word […]

Feature for 2.17.17

Today’s feature is on of the early small format scratchers that I executed (see Scratchers, The Series).  It is more abstract impressionists than purely abstract, as I have included figurative elements.  

Edge of the Brain

I have been using an icon consisting of interlocking ‘C’s in a number of my watercolor studies. My composition below is a visual explanation of that icon. The idea of the interlocking ‘C’s come from a electron micrograph of a cross section of the brain through the hippocampus.  I have expanded in much more detail in […]

The Scream

Edvard Munch painted a picture that became an icon. It is entitled The Scream. Today’s watercolor experiment: The Scream has adopted by popular culture.  I humbly submit the icon below to include the animal kingdom.  There is plenty to shriek about in this world by both man and animals.  

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