Love is All Around

Many of my paintings so far this year are the result of a rather dull palette.  I have also used only two or three different brushes to create my paint strokes. In today’s experiment I changed things around  by starting with a very bright red (cadmium red), and a wide fan brush. I have used […]

Sunset Through Unwashed Window

I began this experiment with a blue stroke near the top of the paper. I laid another one down and  merged it with purple. I made sure that the brush was fully loaded so that I could get some drips. (I like to do that now and then.)  I put a red quarter-circle in the […]


I began this one with a relatively opaque watercolor called Terra Rosa. I like its tone, although it is a bit dull. At this point, I had no plan for how I wanted this work to look at the end. I put down some more wide strokes. Some of the blue marks were bold, some […]

Open Lines

I usually start compositions with closed curves. That is, if the curved lines were to be extended, they would make a shape, like a circle or an oval. In today’s experiment, I began with open curves. If we extend these lines, they would not converge to make a shape.  I tried to keep this in […]

It’s A Dog’s Life

This year, I’ve begun many of my watercolor abstracts with arcs and other round brush strokes. In this experiment I began with more boxy strokes. My first ‘random’ strokes were purposely rectilinear. The outline reminded me of a dog. I spent the rest of my painting sessions trying to obscure the dogginess of the composition. […]