Portrait in which Artist Feared Drawing Man’s Face

Many of the people I draw do not seem to notice me. As I sketch I try not to engage the eyes of the subject. Today, my subject gave me more than the usual number of glances. So I took the easy way out and concentrated on everything but the man’s face, thereby avoiding his […]


The title of this photograph makes it into a narrative. It is closely related to (but different from) Parking Lot Accent, a photo I took at the same time. The viewer can use the title as a prompt to make up her own story.

Therapist Thinking About the Next Session

Therapists must plan sessions. I imagine that they look over the patient’s chart beforehand. It must be a bit more cut and dried for a physical therapist, whose session is modified only by the ability of their charge. For a psychologist, there may be a sense of what may happen during a session, but there […]

Blue Line, White Stripe, Red Leaves and Shadow

Another photo from yesterday’s venue. This scene just looked right to me. The weather was very pleasant: sunny and warm. Even though spring had just begun, the photo could easily represent an autumn day.  

Discussion Quartet

At first, I could only see the back of the head of the man on the left. I began the portrait of the woman adjacent to him as I saw her: obscuring the man. The third man, the one next to that woman, was looking straight at me, so I reverted to gathering visual information […]