Abstract Expressions

My brother cried when I took him on a walk, years ago. We took an unfamiliar route in the neighborhood of his group home. Mike is autistic, low functioning an nonverbal, and must have hated not knowing where we were going. I always had my camera with me back then. I was using my photography to […]


I began photographing Mike, my older brother, on his 40th birthday. I wanted to try figuring him out. Since I was a child, Mike was unreachable. In 1952, he was diagnosed with autism and ‘profound retardation’, according to the first Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM I). Mike is nonverbal to this day. On […]

Let a Smile be Your Umbrella

Today’s watercolor experiment: It is the time of year for sentiment. I was watching one of those seasonal movies that just put me over the edge. Actually, that’s not to hard to do. Sometimes Finding Nemo is too much for me. Before I knew it, I was slapping paint on some big paper. A big […]

Happy Birthday to Me

Birthdays are bittersweet. I love watching children who express utter delight at the attention and excitement on their own birthdays. I observed this with my grandson at his second birthday a few months ago. We dimmed the lights to show off the cake and its bright candles. William was focused on the cake and the […]


State of mind: Fear and sadness have been stalking me. I’m trying to figure out where it is coming from. Buyer’s remorse? I have had that before. I just stocked up on some art supplies that I may or may not have needed. Last night, I really beat myself up. Lots of bad dreams Mom […]

By the Waters of Babylon

My wife, Joy and I just started watching Mad Men. Frankly I was a little bit leery about rehashing the 1950s and its prevailing attitudes. Drinking, smoking, antisemitism, treating women badly was the norm back then. The protagonist, Don Draper, is a mysterious, emotionally empty Madison Avenue ad agency creative director. Little by little we […]

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