Today’s experiment: I remember how difficult it used to be for me to estimate proportions in my drawings of faces and figures.  It is still not my forte.  On a whim, I wanted to see how I would fare with a sketch today. Sketch subject – my Jaguar Begin digression: Before I describe today’s sketch I […]

The Sky’s the Limit

Today’s watercolor experiment: Over the past couple of days I have been trying to introduce some drama to my watercolors, (Sketching Problems, When You Fall Off a Horse, Values) inasmuch as one can dramatize the vista of a parking lot. Dramatic elements were present in the photographs, as clouds.  How? The ever-so-gradual shift in tone from dark […]


Today’s experiment: I have many photographs of parking lots. I take them when my wife is shopping. I used to bring my sketch book. I have many sketches of parking lots. I proved yesterday that I could re-create a photograph as a watercolor composition, faithfully in many ways. Yesterday’s post was in response to the […]

When You Fall Off a Horse…

Yesterday’s experiment did not go as I planned. I am thrilled that some found it to be charming (my wife, and Jann at  I do appreciate that point of view, but my intention was not to portray ‘charming’, so in that respect, I could have done better. The axiom about getting back on the horse after you’ve […]

Sketching Problems

In 2015, I want to paint watercolors on a bigger format paper (I use 9″x12″ paper these days).  I thought I would give it a go today, even though it is still 2014. Today’s watercolor experiment: I found a photo of a parking lot I where I was waiting for my wife while she was shopping, […]

The Christmas Stegosaurus

I started my blog at the eleventh hour tonight because of my quest today. In many regions of the country, actually mainly in the western states, Christmas day is spent stalking the Christmas Stegosaurus. It is an elusive creature which has mainly been seen only in skeletal form, encased in rock. However, like Bigfoot, many […]

Spruced-Up Trees and Aurora Borealis

I’m a bit on the outskirts, as holidays go. We celebrated Chanukah when I was a kid, and it was fun to light the candles, get the presents and think about the Maccabees and the oil lamp that lasted for 8 days.  My wife’s holiday tradition includes Christmas. Since it is the season, I painted […]

Screen View

I have recovered from my disastrous screen printing experiment of the other day. Today’s watercolor experiment: Recap: Here is a recap, to bring those of you who do not know of the above, less-than-successful (ok, totally unsuccessful) attempt  to make a watercolor of the fig tree in our back yard, as seen through the screen in […]

Abstract 122214

I’m glad that there will be more and more daylight hours starting today. (As many of you know, I write my blogs the day before, for posting at midnight the following day, so I am referring to December 22.) I always think of my father on this day every year, as this was his birthday. […]

Here’s the Story…

Today’s experiment: I had a modicum of success making a painting of the fig tree in the back yard as seen through the window screen in the kitchen. The only problem was that it was a pain in the neck to draw the screen on the paper in preparation. Even with the coarseness of the […]