Processing – Back to My Brother Michael

It has been quite a while since I published anything related to the original purpose of this blog: exploration of my relationship between my older brother and me – my connection with autism. I began this blog to describe the impact of having an autistic brother, who is nonverbal and low functioning. (I’ve been away […]

Playing Piano

I did not sketch the study below from life.  I watched my brother play the piano  yesterday and tried to absorb the experience. Yesterday’s watercolor was meant to capture Dave’s graceful motions of his hands. Today, I reconstructed his posture from an angle that I had not observed. I think it shows stability and groundedness […]

Interview with Sidra

Once again, my granddaughter Sidra and I set aside some time to chat about what is happening in her life. We started this just before her brother Will was born (Being a New Sibling, 6 Months Later: Being a New Sibling, Sib Interview – One Year Followup). The Interview: J: It’s been a while since […]

Gaining More Comfort

Earlier today I posted a watercolor sketch of an old family photograph. I wasn’t too pleased with it, since the figures did not resemble those in the reference photograph. In simple terms, I failed to reproduce the light and dark patches of the photograph faithfully in my watercolor sketch. If I had done this in […]

They Took Out the Tree!

Today (April 18th) is my little brother’s 59th birthday. Oy Vey! Between now and July, I am only 3 years older than Dave. Come July, I will be 4 years older. Our older brother Mike is 65. To those of you who are new to my blog, Mike is autistic, very low functioning and has […]


I haven’t been sick since I started this blog in 2013. My health streak was broken on my 6 hour flight home to California yesterday. I could not stop coughing. When I got home, I got into my own bed and covered up to stop the chills. I slept a long time. I wasn’t sick […]

We’re Done

My brother Dave and I just finished cleaning out Mom’s apartment. I’ve been back on the east coast from California for about 10 days: since February 19. I was here in the east earlier in the month for Mom’s 90th birthday party. She was determined to have her party. A full six months before she was […]

Grief: Where To Begin?

Many of you, like me, may be classic movie fans. I tend to gravitate toward Film Noir. I’m a noiry kind of guy. Also, crime films. One can learn a lot from movies. Just the other day, I was watching White Heat, starring Jimmy Cagney. He played a sociopathic, homicidal momma’s boy named Cody. Cody […]

Great Party

Joy and Beth prepared for Will’s birthday gathering for what seemed like weeks. They commissioned a special birthday cake for the guests and one for Will himself. I didn’t know there was a special name for a kid’s cake. They call it a ‘smash’ cake. Is this just a California thing? One look at the picture […]