Brother Mike, Bookends

I’m continuing to process my brother Mike’s* predicament. I visually paraphrased a picture from Mike’s youth to the latest image I captured during a video conference with Mike’s healthcare team. The snake/lifeline/breathing-tube imagery imperfectly divides the two portraits.(See other recent posts for other efforts at visual processing Mike’s condition.) [Note: Apologies – have not yet figured out hyperlinking with the new WordPress editor]

Ink/Marker Sketch: Brother Mike, Bookends
Brother Mike, Bookends
Ink/Marker Sketch
9×12″ 90# Drawing Paper

* Mike is my older brother, low functioning, autistic and nonverbal, who is unable to be removed from his ventilator without catastrophic results.

Sketch Book Series: Joy at Blooms, NYC 2007

I was really timid about sketching a portrait of my wife. She was right in front of me.

Vintage Sketch Series: Joy at Blooms, NYC 2007
Joy at Blooms, NYC 2007
Vintage Sketch Book Series
3×5″ Sketch Book Paper

Sketch Book Series – Waiting Room 2007

I began blogging in 2013 to highlight my relationship with my older brother Mike, who is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal. Although my process of making sense of Mike began early in my life, blogging was a way to gather my thoughts and artistic expressions in one place. It gave me a focus for developing my visual artistic skills, particularly photography, drawing and painting.

Today, I begin a series of sketches that I drew prior to 2013, previously unpublished.

Vintage Sketch - Waiting Room 2007
Waiting Room Sketch (11/8/2007)
3×5″ Sketch Book Page
Vintage Sketch Book Series
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