Parking Lot Patterns with Pole

On my way to lunch, I passed a desiccated section of a parking lot. Paint was dried and chipped, especially on the yellow tapered curb that echoes the slope of the handicapped ramp and borders the red, rubberized mat.

There is a pole that juts out and reaches the plane at which the camera snapped the picture. Although the pole is not holding the camera, it is a connector the focal plane at which the picture was taken. As such, this photo falls into the genre known as the selfie.

Photography: Street Photography - Parking Lot with Pole 121017

Flat Parking Lot Pattern with Vertical Pole


Same Parking Lot Different Design

Within the frame of my camera, I rearranged the parking lot elements, from my post 80 Yellow Dots, and added another, to make this photograph.

Photography: Street Photography - Parking Lot Abstract 120717

Parking Lot Abstract

Misplaced Shadows

I began this study with Kandinsky’s work in mind. I wanted to create a visual relationship between crisp geometric shapes, circles and lines and some kind of formlessness. I didn’t get very far before I ran out of ideas.

Watercolor: Abstract - Misplaced Shadows 120917

Misplaced Shadows
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

The organizing principle of this piece (or disorganizing principle) is the disconnection between line that could have been shadows to the (more or less) vertical pickets; and the disregard for perspective.

Thinking in Chaos

Today’s watercolor study is a preliminary sketch of the projection of ideas through an atmosphere of confusion. That was my intention. I need to execute many more sketches to perfect the visual expression of this motif.

Watercolor: Abstract - Ideas Amongst Confusion 120817

Idea Amongst Confusion
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

80 Yellow Dots

I have visited one newly refurbished parking lot several times in the past few weeks. The newly painted lines, concrete surface and rubberized pedestrian safety mats offer me, as a street photographer, the opportunity to design interesting photographs.

The proximity and arrangement of these parking lot constituents, as I framed them, became geometric visual elements of my photograph.

Photography: Street Photography - White Blue 80 Yellow Dots 120717

White Blue and 80 Yellow Dots

Vase and Flowers

I began with a shadow green circle, hoping to be inspired to form a character ala Joan Miró or Paul Klee. Somehow I ended up with a vase and flowers. I liked experimenting with alternating the reds and greens in the foreground and background.

Watercolor: Vase and Flowers 120717

Vase and Flowers
9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

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