The Artist Who Mistook His Subject’s Hat For A Face

Sometimes the process of blind drawing leads to epic fails. For instance, the misplacement of the man’s hat in the sketch below. I don’t remember the sequence of my pen strokes, but I did go back (in a sighted way) to re-outline the hat.  I try not to shy away from fails.

Sketch: Pen and Ink - The Artist Who Mistook His Subject's Hat For A Face

The Artist Who Mistook His Subject’s Hat For A Face
Pen and Ink
7″x5″ 111# Moleskin Journal

Triangle Bright Spot in Flatland Night

I was thinking about the figures in Flatland. What actually determines a shape? Is it a line? A line is by itself, is infinitely thin. A shape is not defined by a line, it has an edge, a divider between inside and outside. I don’t think the residents of Flatland would confuse a bright spot with a triangular shape, with an actual triangle, even though it is an area of brightness bounded by a dimensionless edge, a line, if you will.  Why is that line different than the line that defines the triangle citizens of Flatland?

Photography: Street Photography - Triangle Bright Spot in Flatland Night

Triangle Bright Spot in Flatland Night

Roundhouse in Flatland

Imagine the scene below squished into two dimensions. That is the world of Flatland. The manhole cover becomes a platform with the ability to swivel. Lines (or rectangles) can advance onto its surface and be rotated. If, as shown below, a rectangle is only partly on board, it can be broken apart. It’s a good thing that, like the flatworm, planaria, the rectangles are self healing.  One may find a variety of misshapen rectangles in the vicinity of a roundhouse.

Photography: Street Photography - Roundhouse in Flatland

Roundhouse in Flatland

I’ll Have Your Stripes

This gentleman only had one stripe on his jacket. He looks a bit grumpy, so I gave him wide berth so he wouldn’t have my stripes.

Sketch: Pen and Ink - I'll Have Your Stripes

I’ll Have Your Stripes
Pen and Ink Sketch
7″x5″ 111# Moleskin Journal

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