Sitting Man, Drawn Blind

I kept track of my strokes in this drawing. The drawing begins with the letter ‘A’, at the top of the man’s forehead; the pen point proceeded to point ‘B’. I lifted the pen and looked at the sketch as I re-positioned it, and marked it as point ‘C’. I continued in this manner until […]

Blind Drawing and Lapse in Concentration

In a blind drawing, one’s gaze follows the contour as the hand holding the pen attempts to limn those curves on paper. One must concentrate. The drawing below shows what happens when concentration fails. I drew the face of the left-most figure twice.

Mother and Child

Again, this was a partial blind drawing. I captured the difference between the contours of an adult and those of a child. I provided the internal details and the motion of the child’s arm after completing the outline.

Blind Drawing of Two Ladies at Coffee

The unembellished blind-drawn outline of a figure is much like that of a line that describes the contours of forested landscape. The outlines of the figures below were drawn without looking. I added interior details after the outlines were completed. Blind Drawing of Two Ladies at Coffee Pen and Ink Sketch 10″x8″ 111# Moleskin Journal

Mostly-Blind Drawing of Man at Next Table

I was more successful drawing this piece blind (mostly). I followed the contour of the crease of the shirt on the man’s shoulder. I continued the shoulder line after placing the pen at the appropriate place, with the help of my vision. The fold of the binding separates the halves of the sketch and does […]

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