Abstract – Observations: de Kooning

I anticipate a goldmine of information and inspiration from the book I am reading, Reductionism in Art and Science: Bridging Two Cultures, by Nobel Prize winning neuroscientist Eric Kandel. He points out the similarities between the investigative methods of neuroscience and the experiments of the abstract artists of the ‘New York School’. This group of […]

Green Head

I bought a copy of Eric Kandel’s new book, Reductionism in Art and Brain Science: Bridging Two Cultures a couple of days ago. I’m very excited to read it, as I am an avid neuroscience reader and visual artist. I read a review of this book, about a month ago and wrote posted my reaction to […]

Shifting an Identity into an Image

Today’s watercolor sketch is a preliminary study of a way to express some thoughts and feelings about identity shifting.  My own definition of ‘identity shift’ is, the change in self image due to circumstances that have changed in one’s life. For example, when a person is healthy, he or she may have stereotypical ideas about cancer patients. However if […]

Composition – After William

After a grueling drive, we’re back home. Before we left Burbank, I designed a watercolor sketch that began with a clear water squiggle. At one end, I infused the same blue color that Will, my three-year-old grandson, used in some of his paintings (see Will’s First Masterpiece of the Day, It’s About Process, My Favorite). […]

My Favorite

With my 3-year-old grandson’s third masterpiece, I see a pattern in his approach to painting. (See William’s First Masterpiece of the Day, It’s About Process) When he asks me, “Shall we paint,” he is not just talking about applying paint to paper. He likes the whole experience, from choosing the colors with which to paint, […]

It’s About Process

It is so interesting trying to see how a 3-year-old’s mind works.  Almost as soon arrived for our visit, Will, my grandson asked me: “Shall we paint?”  I posted his first masterpiece yesterday.  He wanted to paint another one immediately. I asked if he wanted the ‘big paper’ (12×9) or ‘little paper’ (9×6). He chose the little […]

William’s First Masterpiece of the Day

We’re down here in Burbank visiting the kids. I brought my art materials to keep up with my daily paintings. I was prepared to steal some time by myself to fulfill my goal of posting my original artwork every day, but Will asked if we could paint. I was so happy that he remembered painting together […]


Today’s drive was longer than expected. and much wetter. I composed the following ‘abbreviated’ landscape prior to the trip (see Abbreviated Landscape). In my haste while slopping the quinacridone nickel on the bottom part of the paper, I dripped just a drop of it in the wet cobalt blue sky. It was at that moment […]

Abbreviated Landscape

I knew that I wouldn’t have much time to paint today. We’re going down south tomorrow and I had a full day. Knowing this, before I started my chores, I sat down and thought about the essence of the landscapes I have been painting.  I’m not sure if all landscapes fit this formula, but mine […]

Swampish Landscape

I began this landscape with an under painting of quinacridone nickel, a bow tie shape, distributed more or less symmetrically along the width of the paper. I blotted-in the leaves of the trees on the left and the right with Holbein’s Shadow Green, suggesting the droopiness of trees that grow beside bodies of water. (I […]

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