I began with a wash of cerulean blue. This blue is very light, and it takes a lot of pigment to cover a given area (this may be a function of the particular brand of watercolor, though). I applied masking frisket on top of that layer and added a flourish with a can of compressed […]

Arrows with Mace and Squiggles

This one was fun. I used a compass to draw the overlapping circles and a triangle to draw the spikes on the mace balls. I penned the two converging lines and their parallels. I used latex frisket to draw the squiggles and to mask against the blues. I like the cartoonish quality of this work.

Abstract in Ink and Watercolor

For this layered abstract, I used ink and latex frisket. I applied the mask over some of the painted areas. Fortunately, the paint stayed in place when I removed the dried resist material. I outlined some of the latex traces with ink, since I wasn’t sure if the subsequent washes would provide enough contrast to show […]

The Dancer

I began with thin applications of liquid latex masking fluid. Before I knew it, I had covered the entire sheet of watercolor paper with lines and beads of latex. After it dried, I divided the paper, coloring the top portion with Prussian blue  and the bottom with quinacridone burnt orange. I wanted to them to merge […]

Abstract with Elaborate Splashes

I am beginning to like working with layers. It is a bit of a cop out in terms of design, since one never knows with certainty what the next tier will add or subtract from another.  Certainly working with a computer photo editor allows the artist to create layers that can be superimposed without affecting the […]

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