Self Portrait – Last of 2020

After moving to Los Angeles, the new apartment is still a mess. I can’t find my razor, among many other items. I won’t go to a barber (especially here in LA) until this covid mess is over with (I may break down and get a new shaver before then – if they can deliver). Here […]

Mike Sketch Series: Mike Wearing Vest October 1993

The photo for this sketch had a good range of tones. However, I chose to use a brush-tipped ink pen for this portrait. Perhaps a smaller tip would be better if I were to replicate the tones from the photo. My brother Mike‘s eyes diverge. Sometimes he looks with one, sometimes with the other.

Mike Sketch Series: Mike Looking Right, June 1994

When we were young, one of Mike‘s distinguishing visual features was his diverging eyes.  I often wondered through which he saw me. Today’s sketch shows that his left eye was looking in my direction. Yesterday’s sketch (made from a photograph taken moments later than today’s reference photo) shows Mike’s right eye looking at me.  I […]