Fellow Waiter

When we first got to the waiting area, this lady was the only one in our section. This sizable seating venue was a staging area: patients were called away for one test, then another; in between they assumed their perch (if still available) and wait for the ultimate call, the call from the person who […]

Young Lady Trying to Concentrate

I remedied the enormous forearm problem in today’s portrait. The most important feature in the sketch below is the delicate positioning of the young lady’s hand. Therefore, the forearm-to-upperarm ration is consequential. I’m having second thoughts about the title of this sketch. The subject’s pose does not suggest that she is leaning very hard on […]

Young Lady with Enormous Forearm

When concentrating on individual parts of a portrait sketch, sometimes itty-bitty errors add up. In the case of the image below, the cumulative inaccuracies were bridged by the enormity of the young lady’s arm upon which her head lay.  When I began the sketch, her head was gracefully touching the apex of her angled wrist. […]

Woman with Three Arm Positions

Originally, I wanted to do a few quick vignettes of some of the people in the cafe. I wasn’t quick enough. Before I could render one arm position, the person I was going to sketch next was gone. So I decided to focus on this woman as she changed the orientation of her arm.

Man Sketching at Japanese Garden

Having not had any face time today, I resorted to copying a photograph. The photo was taken during a visit to the Japanese garden a couple of weeks ago. An enlargement did not show much facial detail, so I used this sketch to practice shading technique. I used different pencils with hardness ranging from HB […]

Face Time – Practice

Usually, waiting rooms are filled with people. Today the receptionist was the sole person there and only visible from the neck up thanks to the high counter surrounding her. When I was done, her likeness looked like the ones you see on foreign coins. Unsatisfying. Fortunately, I had another opportunity to sketch. A young man […]

Modigliani Model Closeup

One of my previous posts was a double portrait of a woman and a young lady whose elongated face reminded me of one of Modigliani’s portraits. Below is a closer rendition of the same young lady from that post. The proportions of the face are less Modigliani-ish, below.