AutismInspiredArt: Portrait from Home Movie (2016)

Taken from a frame of an old 8mm home movie, this is a portrait of my older brother Mike. His autism, low ability to function and being non-verbal were noticeable by then (late 1950s). Mike lived at home until I was about 10 years old. He had a great affect on my life and my […]

AutismInspiredArt: Abstract (2016)

This abstract painting was inspired in part by my brother Mike and also by the artists Kandinsky and Klee. It is an abstract portrait consisting of warped, fractured space and a collection of facial features. A print of this watercolor abstract is available at my Etsy shop, AutismInspiredArt. Here is a link to the listing.

Memories of Michael: Portrait of My Brother – Transition Complete (2015)

I intended this portrait to express Mike’s other-worldliness. But we are brothers and I had a connection with him, if only in one direction. We share the same oddness – in different ways – just as we do the same genetic makeup. I painted this in 2015 (Final Transition).

Memories of Michael: Mike Helping Me Take a Picture (1994)

It looks like Mike is trying really hard to press the shutter release for this self portrait. You can see the cable leading up to the camera on the tripod. In those days, we could not see the picture right away, since the film had to be developed and printed first. So I don’t know […]

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