Mike Sketch Series: Mike Looking Right, June 1994

When we were young, one of Mike‘s distinguishing visual features was his diverging eyes.  I often wondered through which he saw me. Today’s sketch shows that his left eye was looking in my direction. Yesterday’s sketch (made from a photograph taken moments later than today’s reference photo) shows Mike’s right eye looking at me.  I […]

Mike Sketch Series: Mike at the Table 1992

Again, I did not capture my brother Mike‘s expression as captured in the reference photograph I sketched. The photo was not grainy, like the one I copied yesterday, so I could have copied his facial features precisely. I tried to, but came up with a different look. Mike appeared to be disgusted and perhaps a […]

Mike Sketch Series: Party Mike 1998

When I was immersed in the project of documenting my brother Mike‘s life, I spent a lot of time with him.  I took the photograph on which this sketch is based, when I visited him at his group home just before one of their Christmas parties. Mike was just about ready, and he seemed excited. […]

One Image, Two Expressions

This is the reference photo for yesterday’s sketch. Mike was very relaxed and looks pretty happy here. I didn’t quite capture this expression yesterday, but I felt compelled to share this image today. It was always heartwarming to see Mike smile. I don’t have an exact date of this photo, but it is most likely […]