Sketch Book Series: Back Porch (August 2008)

I worked hard on this drawing. I had just retired, I had little else to do around the house (being settled after the move out west). I had been practicing shading with my micro-tip ink pen. This drawing looks pretty good altogether and, instead of being an art piece for me, it serves the purpose […]

Sketch Book Series: Homestead (August 2008)

I unearthed some more sketchbooks during the course of our latest move. The picture below came from a notebook I started shortly after moving to California. I was just starting to use watercolor (as you can probably tell). The colors are vivid and unmixed, as if I were just coloring in between the outlines.

Sketch Book Series: Wood Grain and Shadows (May 2010)

The shadow is the first element I notice in this sketch. The wood grain lies underneath, yet is not confused with shading of the dark area. The flower pots are the most incomplete component of this piece, not completely defined with pen and ink.