Abstract Watercolor with Charcoal

Another experiment mixing white and black with my pigments. The yellow I used was almost earth tone in hue. The first red color laid down was opera rose, which I glazed with Sennelier red, a very saturated, transparent color. Some of the bright rose color shows through a bit. I darkened the leading edges of the […]

Eye and Body

I seem to be creeping back to the icons I developed whilst sorting out my relationship with my older brother Michael. Mike is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal. Eyes play an important part in attending to other people. I could never seem catch Mike’s eye. Here is a list of some of the posts in […]

Abstract – Waves

No real plan for today’s experiment. I began with blue and cut it with a bit of white. I followed suit with red. I used the idea of indoor and outdoor light from yesterday, with cool colors on the left, changing to warm colors on the other side of the composition. I outlined some of the […]


I have been reading about the work of Richard Diebenkorn. He made a distinction between ‘indoor light’ and ‘outdoor light’. I explored this concept in today’s experiment.

Yellow Hydrant Sculpture

I can’t resist bright shiny things. Bright yellow things will do just as well, however. I could not resist taking a snapshot of this wonderful fire hydrant. I’m sure it was designed to attract attention of the fire department should they need a standpipe.

Untitled – Geometric

The inspiration for today’s painting was ‘Six Species‘, a painting by Paul Klee, Bauhaus Master (and my hero), drawn to my attention by a tweet from @artistklee. I began by trying to replicate the halo effect from Klee’s composition. Instead, my shapes became the leading edge of a gradient that faded from dark to light. I did […]