Meditation Series: (7/8) Street Fair, NYC (1988)

I wanted to capture the crowd in this variation. I colored the balloons and the trumpet for contrast between the spirit of the fair and the black and white of the pedestrians. Please visit my Etsy shop for my artwork for sale inspired by my autistic brother Mike at: My other artwork for sale […]

OtherArtByJack: Graffitied Roll-Top Door NYC (1990s)

This is a companion piece to the Graffiti and Arch print. It is another door in the same carriage-house building behind the 23rd Street Post Office in New York City. I remember that, at that time (in the early 1990s) the building was still in use as a parking garage.  The 4×6″ is matted to […]

OtherArtbyJack: Building the Guggenheim Museum Addition (1989)

 I painted this from my 1989 photo of the Guggenheim during the building of its addition, during a walk on Museum Mile in New York City. This is a 6×4″ print will be available (matted) on my soon-to-be-opened Etsy shop called OtherArtbyJack (tentative name).

Memories of Michael: Portrait of My Brother – Transition Complete (2015)

I intended this portrait to express Mike’s other-worldliness. But we are brothers and I had a connection with him, if only in one direction. We share the same oddness – in different ways – just as we do the same genetic makeup. I painted this in 2015 (Final Transition).

Memories of Michael: Mike in Transition, Watercolor (2015)

Mike probably transitioned away from his family during the first few years of his life. I don’t mean that he did this on purpose, although that’s what Mom used to think, very bitterly. Mike was normal looking until he went to Willowbrook. My parents were duly notified when Mike got his front teeth knocked out, […]

Mike-Related Watercolor: Abstracted Mike (2016)

The past couple of years have enveloped me in a strange web: loss of a loved one; COVID isolation; loss of place, having relocated twice; and change in self identity as I am about to enter my 7th decade. I show the image below as one of a series of abstract portraits of Mike, who, […]