It Happened So Fast

I used my thumb as the pivot of a compass and drew the brush loaded with blue in an arc. I added water with a spray bottle and watched as the blue tunneled across to the other side of the curve. With two more strokes of the blue brush, I completed the skull. The red […]

Feathered Infundibulum

I twisted a fan brush loaded with paint to begin this composition. I interposed some red between the feathered spikes of blue. This design contains several depictions of funnel, or funnel effects. Infundibulum is from the Latin. It means funnel. It is also the term for stalk that connects the hypothalamus to the pituitary, dangling […]


This free form was self contained until I continued some of the inner contours beyond the outer boundaries. At first, I thought of them as ribbons. However, after I painted-in the dark surround, the extended strips lost their ribbon-like qualities. They looked more spiky and inflexible. An interesting transformation.  


Today’s free form began as a pencil sketch. The colors are muted and variable because there are layers of pigments. At first, the colors were bold, some of them less so, depending the properties of the pigments themselves. For example, the earth tone pigments (warm sepia in particular) are subdued and absorb more light than […]


This composition started with a very quick sketch of a screen image of a movie I was watching. I used no more than 3 or 4 lines of my sketch as a guide to apply my paints. I also used a different range of colors than the dark earth tones, blues and reds of some […]

Bright Ribbon Abstract

Frequently. the lines in my free form designs intertwine. Sometimes I concentrate on the larger forms to which they contribute their areas. But today I painted between some of the twisting lines to create thin ribbons that thicken as they traverse the expanse of the paper. They seem to float in front of the earth […]

Free Form Experiment

Most of my free form designs are unpremeditated. That is I try not to have an idea of the outcome. Sometimes I do have goal from the beginning, sometimes I get an idea based on what I have already drawn. Today’s experiment was based on yesterday’s abstract. I liked the human form in that piece. […]

Abstract 092617

My internet access is limited. Unable to post on time (:$$?&@?-$!! Comcast! Hope you check back later.  Update Below: I began the abstract below with a pencil form that I traced over with a fine point pen. Cross hatching was the next step. After that, I noticed one particular form that I painted with tan/pink […]