Damn Squirrels

Now it could be one or more of them. I can’t tell them apart. But they (or it) like(s) to much on my favorite succulent. I don’t mind that the squirrels eat all the figs, although I do fear for the branches when some of the fatter ones sneak out to the furthest leaf to […]


Rough drive back home. Made great time for about 300 miles then, out of nowhere, the road was like a parking lot. The rest of the trip took forever, and I’m beat. I say this by way of apology for not posting a new watercolor. I made a number of attempts to sketch William, my […]

Party Decorations

When we arrived back to home base, the house was decorated for Siddy’s birthday already. Sidra loves rainbows, so her aunt and family fried strung up multicolored streamers all over the ceiling. It looked like a stalactited cave. How does one depict the ceiling of a cave from the far end to overhead? The sketch […]

Quasi-Angular Free Form

The overall curvature in today’s abstract is less than in my recent previous abstract studies (Fountain, Abstract 072117, Untitled I, Untitled II). The angles between lines close to the paper’s edge open out instead of closing in to create a self-contained free form. The more linear (less curved) elements of the composition combine to partially […]

It’s a Jungle Out There

There’s a lot going on in the painting below. I first drew a free-form design in pencil and continued it with masking fluid. I used this fluid to fill in some of the shapes that were formed by the overlapping pencil work. I started with Payne’s gray and washed a portion of the top of […]

Curvilinear Man

I had fun with free-form drawing today. I drew the curvy figure outline with one stroke, including the figure ‘8’ that I made into sun glasses. I’m not sure where I got the idea to make a cube, or how I decided to place it in the composition. I drew solid lines for the front […]


Below is my impression of a visit to a psychiatrist’s office (those who still engage in talk therapy). In this little skit, the shrink talks and the patient absorbs what he can, even if it is not what the psychiatrist says.  The patient, in turn uses what he hears to help himself with what is […]