Dad Playing the Violin for Mike

My brother Mike is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal. He was diagnosed shortly after autism was classified in 1952 DSM. Mike was at home until I was 10 years old. My parents then made the decision to send him to Willowbrook where they thought they would take care of him. We visited just about every […]

Rumble Tile with Screw

I never had this problem in NYC, before I left. The task of food shopping there was much different than it is outside of a city where there are parking lots and wide aisles down which one drives the sturdy shopping cart. In the city, when shopping for several day’s worth of food, one took […]

The Shadow Knows

There was only one red light-pole base in the whole parking lot. I don’ t know why it was painted red, or who did it. They must have only had one can of paint, though. Nothing else nearby was red. During my break, I went outside and took this photograph. It must have been that […]

Left Lane Ends

Sometimes I just have to snap the shutter. I took this photo in traffic just before entering the Lincoln Tunnel, headed to New Jersey from New York City, years ago. I like the geometry of the square sign, the trapezoidal opening to the tunnel on the other side of the road and the diagonals of […]