OtherPhotoShop: Bargain Spot, NYC (1989)

I will be opening another Etsy shop within a week that showcases my art which is not directly related to autism. I plan to include watercolor prints of photos taken in New York City (where I lived for more than 20 years); original black and white and color photos, some framed, some not; sketches and […]

AutismInspiredArt: Portrait from Home Movie (2016)

Taken from a frame of an old 8mm home movie, this is a portrait of my older brother Mike. His autism, low ability to function and being non-verbal were noticeable by then (late 1950s). Mike lived at home until I was about 10 years old. He had a great affect on my life and my […]

AutismInspiredArt: The Divide (2015)

This is an autism-inspired abstract portrait of the divided attention I was always trying to get from my autistic brother. During most of the time I spent with Mike I felt there was an unbridgeable gap between us. I often tried to engage him, but it was very difficult to get his attention. I painted […]