Sketch Book Series: Car with Negative Space (July 2011)

More scribbles in this sketch. Frankly, as negative space, it doesn’t work here (it did work yesterday). If it were patterned (like the space in ‘Night Sky’ by Van Gogh) it could mean something. However the not-quite-random pencil mark of the background tell more about the artist than they convey about the subject of the […]

Untitled II – July 17, 2017

I started today’s painting at the same time as yesterday’s (Untitled I – July 16, 2017), using the same devices, i.e., positive- and negative-space lines* and free-form design. Instead of creating color fields and forming lines by abutting one color against another, I used brush strokes on today’s composition. The strokes were mostly independent of […]

Abstract – Summertime

I combined free-form pen and ink curves with negative-space lines that I drew with masking fluid. The term ‘negative-space line’ seems oxymoronic, since a line has virtually no width dimension. I define ‘space’ on a two-dimensional surface as a bounded shape. I used the inked lines to form the edges of color fields. The white […]

Abstract with Thick and Thin Lines

In today’s experiment, I used a combination of line-making techniques. I began with latex resist (frisket), that kept the pigments away from the paper, allowing the formation of white lines. After applying the first set of colors, primarily Prussian blue and quinacridone burnt orange, I removed the mask and added a second one. Depending on […]

Collage – Final Configuration

I began my collage a couple of days ago as a response to one of my paintings that I didn’t like (see Rescued Blunder).  I used glue to tack the torn pieces onto another, pre-glazed watercolor sheet. I abandoned my plan to flatten the torn paper, and let them curl. Pictured below is the first […]

Rescued Blunder

Sometimes mistakes just can’t be modified into successes. That was the case the other day. I tore up the offending ink and watercolor abstract (of dimensions 9×12 inches). I like to avoid waste, so I assembled the scraps on a 12×16 inch piece of watercolor paper. Previously, I glazed the entire surface with Prussian blue […]

Less Ink

Today’s watercolor experiment: I had two ideas in mind for today: experimenting with brilliant colors in the background; and using earth tones to color the traces of the latex resist. I began with liquid latex. This time I shook the paper back and forth. I liked the spiny appendages sticking out of the main trunk of liquid […]