Hidden in the Wild

I am always on the lookout for hidden Mondrians. I have a good track record so far: Faded Mondrian, Mondrian Composition 300 CRY, Found Art – Mondrian Rug, Mondrian 300, Mondrian 002 OXY, Hidden: Mondrian 240, Found Art In Situ. More Found Art, Found Art,

Prime Suspect 2

My hand was guided by Prime Suspect (second season), today. Helen Mirren was very good in this series, now more than 25 years old. I enjoyed it immensely. While there weren’t any fantasy monsters (subjects of my past two posts Them!, Phantom From 10,000 Leagues), the plot was a gripping whodunit. Eyes dominate this composition […]

Red Drip

I like the delicate squiggles, the spacing and the light cross hatching in this sketch. It has a coincidental resemblance of a Joan Miró composition. But Miró planned his work. I did not plan the visual look of this drawing but rather followed a manual procedure. My process was to create a uniform spacing of […]


This configuration of parking lot curbs, pavement and no-skid mat caught my attention. I liked the colors and, when I flattened the image in my mind’s eye, I thought of a balance point underneath a curved, tricolor beam. I could not resist applying a couple of filters to this image:

Diagonal Blips

I was very impressed by the construction of diagonal numbers (of Georg Cantor) as described in one of the books I am reading: Alan Turing: The Enigma by Andrew Hodges.   Decimal representations of fractions were printed in a list, one below the next, with their decimal places aligned. The diagonal number’s digit are made […]