This configuration of parking lot curbs, pavement and no-skid mat caught my attention. I liked the colors and, when I flattened the image in my mind’s eye, I thought of a balance point underneath a curved, tricolor beam. I could not resist applying a couple of filters to this image:

Diagonal Blips

I was very impressed by the construction of diagonal numbers (of Georg Cantor) as described in one of the books I am reading: Alan Turing: The Enigma by Andrew Hodges.   Decimal representations of fractions were printed in a list, one below the next, with their decimal places aligned. The diagonal number’s digit are made […]

Approximation and Reality

The photo below is an expanded view of one posted the other day. The rounded, colorful protrusion from the bottom right of the frame is approximated by the white rectangular outline that enters from the left of the picture, a crude model of the three-dimensional object.