Howling Wolf

I have fallen back into one of my earlier ways of painting: I make a mark or a stroke with my brush and then decide what to do next. Each mark I make inspires the next. My idea of the finish painting shifts as the marks and strokes progress. Sometimes I make a leap, that […]

Old Palette

My paintings so far this year have a limited range of colors. This happened because I used small bowls of paint to mix my color and I have more than enough for a single work. I don’t like to throw away paint, so I use the left overs on the next sketch. I remembered that I […]

Woman’s Head

I started this sketch without refreshing my knowledge of abstract portraiture. All I had in mind was to contrast the bright side of the face with that in shadow. I used the complementary colors, red and green to do this. After blocking the main features with reds, reddish browns and greens, I filled in the […]

Man and Violin

Today’s experiment is derivative of yesterday’s. In fact, it began as a canvas to test a blue-yellow combination. Sometimes blue and yellow pigments combine to give a muddy appearance (see Blue and Yellow Don’t Make Green). I like the abstract feel of this portrait. It reminds me of my father. But it also struck another […]

Man and Music

The seed image for this experiment was a memory of my father playing the violin. Dad loved music. He would conduct the radio when the Saturday Texaco Metropolitan Opera with Milton Cross would come on; he would play the violin with passion and the piano…. well, he tried. Here is the first pass: It is […]

Seed Image with Elaboration

I just started with watercolors again after about a year and a half doing sketches only.  This time, I am using mental images important to me, (my own iconography) as a starting point for artistic ‘riffing’.  I hope that the completed watercolor sketch will be pleasing visually and will also reveal unexpected insights.

Abstract From a Face

In getting reacquainted with watercolors, I have purposely avoided referring to other artists. When I first started painting with watercolors, I spent months looking at the art of artists whose work I loved; more months accumulating supplies, brushes, paper and paints; and even more time making test strips for each tube of paint I acquired. […]

Cloud-Inspired Abstract

I began this experiment with my recent cloud watercolors in mind (Watercolor Clouds from Photograph, Watercolor Painting Process – Clouds).  However, instead of using gray-on-gray, I used two different colors. I laid down the dark red first. Then I used a diluted red and copied the dark contour, leaving a white gap.  I chose blue […]