Man with Watch, Thinking

I like this guy. This sketch is a mixture of blind drawing and sighted drawing. The contour of the head was done in the ‘blind fashion’, trying to get my pen point to follow my eyes as I scanned the outline.

PC* Visions of Sugar Plums

* Processing Christmas: Fourth in a series of drawings made during Christmas, revisited after Christmas. The third in the series may be found here. One might think I crowded the figure onto the right hand side of the page, but I was following my granddaughter’s outline (as best as I could), while she was napping, […]

PC* Arrival, After 7 Hours of Driving

* Processing Christmas: Third in a series of drawings made during Christmas, revisited after Christmas. The second in the series may be found here. Relaxing after seven hours as a passenger. A calming drink helps.

Man Writing, with Bottle and Knapsack

There’s not a lot of action in bookstore cafes. People are reading, writing, tutoring, tutoree-ing, or drinking coffee with a far away look in their eyes (which would have been squinting through the smoke, if smoking were allowed). The sketch below was informed by blind drawing, but I frequently adjusted my gaze between the subject […]

PC* Patiently Awaiting Christmas

* Processing Christmas: Second in a series of drawings made during Christmas, revisited after Christmas. The first in the series may be found here. There was some amount of lethargy amongst those awaiting Santa. It was hard to be excited all the time.

Man with Glasses, Writing

I’m making some progress with blind drawing. I am getting better with longer contours. Head shapes are coming more naturally. I’m not quite sure what happened with the man’s glasses (his left lens – on the right side of the paper).. I must have begun on with the downward stroke on the right and come […]

Processing Christmas (PC): Santa Came and Went. Recovering

I did a lot of drawing during the Christmas holiday. The process of preparing and sharing them will help me process that time with family. The sketch below shows some of us relaxing after Santa came and went.

Post-Christmas Lego Build

Will, my grandson, got a 12,000 piece Lego set; seemed like 12,000. There were at least a dozen small cellophane packets with different parts inside. Will’s dad had the unenviable task of inventorying the parts as Will did his job as a 5-year old: undoing what his dad was doing. The sketch below is the […]

Two Figures Engaged in Different Activities

Part of the charm of this composition is that the two figures are not to scale with each other. The larger person could be getting up to confront the artist, or s/he could be concentrating on a phone. The smaller person is oblivious to everything but the table.