Let a Smile be Your Umbrella

Today’s watercolor experiment: It is the time of year for sentiment. I was watching one of those seasonal movies that just put me over the edge. Actually, that’s not to hard to do. Sometimes Finding Nemo is too much for me. Before I knew it, I was slapping paint on some big paper. A big […]

New Respect

Here is my entry into the it-was-a dark-and-stormy-night, worst-opening-line competition:  Pain… that’s what I was in, in spades. It started as discomfort and gradually grew. I am familiar with the pain scale, along with the icons depicting a person’s face without pain (#1) all the way to pain that a person could not stand (#10). […]

Back Pain

Today (meaning yesterday – I write my posts the day before and post schedule for 12 midnight) we drove to Burbank.  It is a 5 – 6 hour drive, but a straight shot down Interstate 5 (called ‘The 5’ by locals). In anticipation of this occasion, I painted my rendition of back pain. Actually, I […]