End of Year Review

Although I started my daily blog on January 19, 2013, tomorrow is New Year’s Day and, in the spirit of ‘carving nature at it’s joints’ I feel that this is the time to commemorate my first year in the blogosphere. Original mission statement Part of my mission statement was a pledge to offer my thoughts […]

Progress in Iconology

Book Preview Before I begin, let me tell you about a book that I am just starting.  It is relevant to many aspects of my blog including neuroscience, consciousness, and art. The book is The Age of Insight, The Quest to Understand the Unconscious in Art, Mind and Brain, by Nobel Laureate, Eric Kandel. I peeked at […]

Simple Studies

I had this idea while I was sleeping. It wasn’t a dream; I was just thinking of ways to keep my watercolor studies simple but on point. I am interested in synesthesia, the phenomenon whereby some people automatically get two sensations for the price of one, so to speak. For instance a synesthete may hear a certain […]


I may have been thinking too much lately. Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while  know that I have been trying to find a visual way to express my ideas and feelings. When I began my blog, my mission was to talk about autism from a brother’s point of view, […]

Expression and Space

Space There are different kinds of space: 1) conventional three-dimensional space, through which we all move, described by the Cartesian coordinate system, which uses the x and y axes to describe coordinates in two dimensions and the z axis to describe height or depth ; 2) the two-dimensional space (x-y plane) of a flat canvas, […]

Another Busy Day

I hope everyone had a great holiday! I was pretty busy with family stuff, but had some time to think about the portrait I am working on. I posted an update yesterday. Between then and now, I thought of more information to add to it. Is this how abstract art is done? I was just playing […]

A Little Progress

It has been busy around here today (which was yesterday, the 24th). Big gathering at the house; holiday dinner, preparations, etc. My mother-in-law’s birthday, if she were still alive. She was a great lady, who I wish was still around. Lots of emotion here. You probably get the picture. I didn’t have time to make […]

Reading Art Books

As part of my quest to find the best way to express myself visually, I have been reading some of the art books that I have accumulated over the years. I must admit that, for the most part I have only looked at the pictures. Of course, the best way to see paintings and other […]

Fun with Lines

I took a break today. No researching about surrealism, abstract expressionism or any kind of expressionism. I just thought that I would have some fun with lines. In all honesty, though, I was inspired by the grids that Joan Miró used to organize his paintings and sketches. Now I understand how he could say that […]

More Surrealism

During the first 11 months of writing this blog, I was intent on rehashing my efforts to reach my older brother Michael, who is autistic, profoundly retarded and nonverbal. I believe that I have achieved a certain sensitivity to the plights of others through my experience as his sibling. At the beginning of this month […]

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