Sometimes, when I’m in abstract mode, I use a sketch pad to ‘road test’ some of my doodles. I am sure that the smallish format (9x12inch) inhibits my arm motion. I wonder what I will come up with when I have more room. That is fun to think about. I return to splatter mode today. […]

Stand Up Guy

I don’ t know why my doodles lately have three-lobed forms. I guess three is an easy number of which to keep track, and to replicate if need be.  I like the three-digit hands and feet in particular. Who needs those other pesky appendages? There is more justification. For example, a tripod is an inherently […]

Simple Bucket List

My wife and I saw ‘The Bucket List’ with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. It was a heartwarming story indeed. In reality, unless one finds a billionaire buddy or is a billionaire one’s self, there is a limit to accomplishing one’s life’s ambitions before one dies.  Therefore, one necessarily must limit the scope of a so-called […]


I’m working with the same theme as yesterday. Instead of ‘little piggies’, my interleaved digits are fingers. Resting on the intertwined hands is a person deep in thought.


I accidentally drew a form that reminded me of the ‘Little Piggy’ game I played with my grandson last week. I thought that a nice fun background would be appropriate. So I present to you a semi-abstract version of “This little piggy went to market….  etc.”

Back to W.C.s

I’m back in my own space now, having just been down south visiting the kids and grandkids in Los Angeles. It was a lot of fun. I got Will started on his career as a watercolorist and Siddy gave me a heads up on the latest in paranormal phenomena. I hardly know how to get […]

Off Season

Here is another photograph from the archives. When I lived in Bay Ridge, I used to walk to Coney Island. I enjoyed walking along the Belt Parkway on the sidewalk in the park between the highway and the bay. I loved Coney Island in the off season.

Bye Bye White

William, my grandson loves to paint in watercolors. He actually loves the water most of all, I think.  He keeps dipping his paintbrush into the water well after the paper is saturated. As his mentor, and in his best interest, I eventually had to put the ‘clean’ water dish out of his reach. After he […]

Oldie but Goodie

Here is a photo from the early 1990s. I was just learning some of the fundamentals of design. I liked the striped sunlight on walls anyway. You might be able to tell it is East Coast light.

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