Memories of Michael: Getting Ready to Leave the Party (1992)

I went to a Christmas Party with the residents of Mike’s group home one year. Everyone had a great time, and I had the chance to see my brother in different surroundings than usual. He seemed to have fun; it was nice seeing him with his fellow residents and residents from other homes. There was […]

Memories of Michael: Brothers Posing at Willowbrook (early 1960s)

Mom or Dad took this picture of Dave and me, by the steps leading up to Mike’s building at Willowbrook. This was during one of the frequent visits we made to see our brother. The picture below is my wishful thinking made visible.

Memories of Michael: Life at Home (~1958)

I posted this photo years ago (see More Home Movies…), but brings back memories of home life while my brother Mike was around. This is a screen shot of a home movie that my father somehow double exposed. It wasn’t that hard to do in those days. The 8mm movie camera took 16mm film. You […]

Memories of Michael: Frustration (1989)

Mike could be a handful. There was frustration all around. One can tell that Dave just wants to give up. When Mike couldn’t get what he wanted, he would sometimes bite his hand really hard. This is what he is doing here.

Memories of Michael: Wishful Memory – Made-Up Brother (~1993)

I’ll never forget the day I held up Mike’s half image to the mirror. I focused my brother’s attention on me. Something I could not do in real life.* * Mike was my older brother who was autistic, nonverbal and low functioning. He passed away last month.

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