Vintage Photo: Stunt Poster with Wrought Iron Spikes, NYC 1989

When I used to roam around the neighborhoods of New York, where I lived at the time, I took many photographs of settings that caught my eye. Visual elements were not the only consideration that caused my finger to snap the shutter. At the time I took the picture below, I was not having any […]

Mike Sketch Series: Mike at the Table 1992

Again, I did not capture my brother Mike‘s expression as captured in the reference photograph I sketched. The photo was not grainy, like the one I copied yesterday, so I could have copied his facial features precisely. I tried to, but came up with a different look. Mike appeared to be disgusted and perhaps a […]

Mike Sketch Series: Mike with Hands on his Face 1991

I copied this image from a grainy photo I took of my brother Mike.  The facial expression I captured was not the one that I caught in the photo. That I made the same error in a previous sketch makes me curious about what this says about me as an artist. In my self portrait […]

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