New Year’s Day: Girl with Atomic Hair and Man with Disintegrated Hat

I sketched this on New Year’s Day. My blind drawing technique served me well when transcribing the rightmost young woman’s hair: the outline is accurate. However, it looks more like a mushroom cloud than a hairdo. Possibly, the addition of interior detail would disguise this visual association. The ball cap on the man on the […]

Parking Space Compact Conundrum

A photographer is, by definition, an observer. Good photographers observe keenly. One of the fun parts of street photographer is the quest for visual puns, such as the one below. The space in front of the pickup truck is labeled ‘compact’, and yet it is huge. Is it for compact stretch limos? Did someone forget […]

Two Girl Outlines with Some Inner Detail

I concentrated on the outlines of these two women. I do get sidetracked while drawing some sketches. For example, I start on a shoe and follow its edge along the outside of the leg; then I go back and noodle with the inner edge. I do this sometimes, section by section. In the sketch below, […]

Electrification Project

I noticed the draped electrical cord outside the window. I took this photo at Christmastime. It illustrates one of the techniques used to connect decorative lighting to a power source.  I liked the curve of the wires and the fact that it was visually contained in a grid of sorts. The images in each cell […]