Man Struggling with Daily Activities

I sat across the room from this gentleman who, like others at the cafe, was there to work.  He wasn’t able to use his arms easily. They jumped from one position to another. I felt like helping, but didn’t want to interfere. He didn’t seem to be seeking assistance. I left him alone.

Note to Self – Bring Sketchbook to Work

I am forgetful at times. Although I am glad I can easily get another sketchbook, I am more worried about the chronological order of the drawings in each book. Thus the note.

Shadow, White Right Angle and Colored Script

I came across this writing during one of my walks. The street repair people have a graffiti all their own. Their markings mean something their compatriots. It is sanctioned street tagging.

Portrait of a Man Touching Forehead with Sketchy Finger

The fingers did not touch his forehead for long. But is was a nice pose which I thought I could capture. I was only able to complete a partial sketch before his fingers were gone.

Man with Folded Arms; Very Beautiful Woman

These two sketches are very different even though I did them in very close succession.  I drew the man with the folded arms as a study in gesture, omitting details. I devoted the other page of this spread to a young woman who was very pretty. I carefully rendered all the details of her face, […]