More Grids

I am convinced that I am on the right path to finding some design patterns to tell my story. I have been studying some of Kandinsky’s compositions and marvel at some of the small patterns he smatters across the canvas: a grid here, an eyeball there. I am sure I can make something visible about […]

Cyclopean Vision

This is the next in my ‘grid series’ (see Seeking Inspiration, Abstract with Grids and Circles, Harlequin Pattern, Planes, Grids and Curves). This time I worked backwards from an idea. Instead of drawing random lines and grids, I drew two sets of ‘V’s, apex down. The area within each ‘V’ represents the field of vision […]

Planes, Grids and Curves

Today is another in my grid series (see Seeking Inspiration, Abstract with Grids and Circles, Harlequin Pattern). I drew two sets of intersecting lines, hiding the vertex of one of them by the unobstructed plane formed by the other. Then I divided each into a grid of rectangles, which gradually distorted into rhombus shapes. I […]

Harlequin Pattern

This is the third in my series of abstract sketches using checked patterns within triangular shapes.  In this version, the vertices of each triangle are more acute than the previous sketches (Seeking Inspiration and Abstract with Grids and Circles).  The visual planes set up by the triangles are subdivided into grids of diamond shapes instead […]

When I’m Sixty-Four

My brother called me up today on the videophone. I was amazed at that technology when I first saw it back in 1964 at the World’s Fair in Flushing, NY.  Fantastic things were to come. I answered the phone and my brother didn’t speak at first. I just saw him at the piano playing an old […]

Abstract with Grids and Circles

Two of the artists I most admire (Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky) painted according to their philosophies. Kandinsky had a theory about how colors are related to shapes. I don’t recall the the associations in his theory, but perhaps the color red might be associated with a circle, blue with a square and yellow with a triangle.  He […]

Seeking Inspiration

I was running low on ideas, so I pulled out one of my books about Kandinsky. This book must weigh about 20 pounds. I love the oversized colorful prints inside. I did get some ideas, and created the abstract below. I like the two planes set up by grids of distorted squares. The remaining lines […]

Abstract – Membrane

A couple of splashes of liquid latex, wait, and then think of what to do.  At first I was thinking of splashing paint in the same manner as the latex and look at the interplay of the pigments and the negative (white) space left when the latex is removed. Instead, I inserted a double arc, creating […]

Portrait – Abstract

I liked the form of yesterday’s portrait. But in a sense it was ambiguous. The upper part of the face told the story. In today’s study, the lower part of the face adds another clue about the emotion in this abstract portrait.

Is This Really Necessary?

I was at the hospital the other day. I took a picture of a sign in one of the step-down unit rooms. In general it is not a good idea to make assumptions but some things are very basic. Kudos to the committee that approved this sign. There is no telling how many injuries the warning […]

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