Man Reading

Back to live drawing. I loved sketching this man. He was older and loved to read. I know this because he was at the same table on my second break as he was during my first break. He could have read a whole book in that time.  I did several sketches of him. This one […]

Prime Suspect 2

My hand was guided by Prime Suspect (second season), today. Helen Mirren was very good in this series, now more than 25 years old. I enjoyed it immensely. While there weren’t any fantasy monsters (subjects of my past two posts Them!, Phantom From 10,000 Leagues), the plot was a gripping whodunit. Eyes dominate this composition […]

Phantom From 10,000 Leagues

Another amalgam of scenes and impressions, this time from the sci fi movie, Phantom From 10,000 Leagues is pictured below.  The story is about a professor who secretly hides uranium under the sea and uses radiation to make a creature to guard it. There are government officials trying to solve the local folklore of sea […]

Them! – Blind

I found a new way to practice drawing. Whilst watching old movies (my favorite television genre), I concentrate on one figure and draw it without looking at the paper (blind drawing). When the scene changes I quickly sketch another figure before it changes again.  I was watching ‘Them!” this evening, a science fiction movie about […]

Studying is Hard Work

People who study with concentration usually hold a pose for quite a while. One can be leisurely sketching these people. Now and then, they tire and must relax. This was the case for my subject below. I pictured her in both her alert and tired positions. The other sketch on this sheet appears to be […]

Patient in Waiting Room – Bold

Again, I had to be quick (see Transition). I did not know how much time I had before the sitter was called. He was called less than five minutes after I began some furtive pencil strokes. I was not satisfied with the few tentative lines, so I used a thick-pointed pen to draw over selected […]

In the Picture

There weren’t many people in the cafe. In fact, the only sketch-able person sat across from me, in front of a darkened window. If I squinted, I could see myself in the window. I put my silhouette into the drawing.


One notices repeat customers, even in a very busy shop. The two gentlemen below seem at home no matter which table they inhabit. (See previous sketch here: Two Thinkers.) This sketch is smoother than the one in my previous post.  At that time I did not realize that these gents were friends. They do seem […]


I had less than a minute to sketch the person below before she was called to the desk and left her seated position across from me.  The few pencil lines I drew were tentative, as they usually are when I begin a portrait. Normally I would relegate this page to the scrap heap, but I […]

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