Social Distancing Series: Secondary Effect?

This sign surprised me. Ever since B.F. Skinner, we have been instructed to press buttons to get a desired outcome. All of a sudden, we shouldn’t press a button?  I’m thinking this is a COVID thing…  First, many of the population do not wear gloves, so button surfaces could be COVID-carrying menaces. Second, if not […]

Willowbrook, Another Chapter… Childhood’s End (from ‘My Brother Michael’)

Mom’s search for a place for Mike was long and arduous.  In the 1950s, medical professionals were not accustomed to take care of individuals with my brother’s condition. Mike is autistic (a relatively unknown condition at that time), low functioning (using the parlance of the time: ‘retarded’), and nonverbal. He was placed at Willowbrook, an […]

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