Three People In Line from Sketchbook

I’m getting a slow start this year in making progress with my art. I switched from watercolor painting to drawing and sketching more than a year ago. One of the ideas was to create a bank of images that I could elaborate upon in other artwork. Isn’t this the purpose of a sketch book: a […]

Portrait in Hall of Windows

Last summer my brother took me to the Magritte show in San Francisco.  That being the environment, I was sensitive to the surrealistic images that surrounded me. Instead of ignoring errant reflections, I sought them out. Below is a portrait of my brother Dave at that exhibition.

Two Girl Outlines with Some Inner Detail

I concentrated on the outlines of these two women. I do get sidetracked while drawing some sketches. For example, I start on a shoe and follow its edge along the outside of the leg; then I go back and noodle with the inner edge. I do this sometimes, section by section. In the sketch below, […]

Street Art #7: Parking Lot Visual Elements in Perspective

In the last photograph in this series, I caught a number of visual elements often found in parking lots in the US: dotted white lines, indicating driving lanes; a red line that notes an emergency area; a striped region that warns of a speed bump and an white-striped outlined area that indicates a no parking zone. […]

Man with Cool Hat Waiting for Eye Doctor

When there are interesting looking characters around, I draw as many of them as I can. My latest style of blind drawing allows me to draw quickly. I have been thinking of applying these ‘visual notes’ to a more deliberate mode of rendering. Perhaps this is a way back to painting. As with most of […]

Man Reading a Magazine While Waiting for the Doctor

Time spent on a drawing can vary, especially in waiting rooms. One never knows when a subject will be called by the nurse for the appointment. I began with the man’s shoe. You can see the trace of the first line. The top line of the trousers was next, then the hair. As I recall, […]

Man, Whose Portrait Reminds Me of Alien, the Movie

When I’m drawing blind (that is, without looking at my sketchpad surface), figures often get distorted. Below is an example of a portrait with face parts, proportionate within themselves, but not properly assembled into a whole. The overall effect of this portrait reminds me of the alien character in the movie Alien.