Man with Two Dimensional, Tilted Head

I was surprised when I finally looked at the paper, after creating this drawing, looking only at the subject. I was hoping to foreshorten his head; he was leaning forward and away from me. However, I can’t help seeing the head as a flat plane tilting away from me when I look at this sketch. […]

White Triangle

One of the most important parts of photography is editing. Most of the time, when something catches my eye, I take many photographs, framing each exposure differently. The most successful edits set up interesting relationships among all the visual elements.

Man with Skinny Tush

I really must practice imagining the entire sketch when I begin my blind drawing. This means I must create a mental picture of the sketchbook surface on which my hand will trace the outline of the portrait subject. This is difficult, since I place the point of my pen at one place on the outline […]

Man in Sandals Just Before Orientation

Drawing is observing. Not only observation of lines and form, but of other goings on in the environment. Several people came into the waiting room shortly before one o’clock. I was only able to trace the upper contours before someone called out for the start of orientation.

Two Men Waiting at the Lab, One with Unfinished Face

I like the posture of the man on the left. He was groomed very well. His hair was thin, pure white and combed back, giving the appearance of a wispy skeleton of a coiffure.  I barely finished the bottom half of the man on the right when he was called in to give a blood […]

Accented Tree

My original thought when I saw this cloud/tree combination was “Tree’s Bright Idea”, to compliment a previous post Palm Tree’s Sudden Idea. But somehow that caption did not quite fit. “Treesplanation Mark” also did’t work either. “Accented Tree” seemed like the perfect title.

Smiley Man with Delicate Fingers and Skull and Crossbones Hat

The second floor was huge and sunny and nearly empty except for the centrally located check-in desk. There were hardly any people waiting, so I chose a seat near the most interesting looking person. He was a little scary looking at first, but I noticed a slight smile on his face as he manipulated his […]