Vintage Photo: Clothes on the Line, NYC May 1989

My photographic wanderings have been informed by my interest in classic photography. I’ve always been on the lookout for a cityscape composition that included clothes on a line. It would have been a bonus to fine a person at the window pulling them in, or setting them out.

Mike Sketch Series: Mike Clicking the Shutter, August 1994

When I was working on my long term project to document my visits with my brother Mike, I took my cameras and sometimes, a tripod.  The photo on which this sketch is based, shows me (my hand) helping Mike to click the shutter with the cable release.  I think Mike liked doing this.

Catching the Morning Light

During the disruption of the pandemic, I’ve been posting moments from the past. My ‘Vintage Photo Series’ is a reprise of photos from the past of which I’m proud. Lately, in my ‘Mike Sketch Series’, I have practiced my sketching by revisiting old photographs of my brother Mike.  With each sketch, I remember my times […]

Mike Sketch Series: Mike and Dad, June 1992

Dad used to try clapping Mike’s hands along with music. Mike resisted most of the time. Like us, Dad had no idea what was going on in brother Mike’s head.  Mike is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal.  When Mike was a toddler, Dad told me that he was able to sing along with some of […]

Vintage Photo: Stunt Poster with Wrought Iron Spikes, NYC 1989

When I used to roam around the neighborhoods of New York, where I lived at the time, I took many photographs of settings that caught my eye. Visual elements were not the only consideration that caused my finger to snap the shutter. At the time I took the picture below, I was not having any […]

Mike Sketch Series: Mike at the Table 1992

Again, I did not capture my brother Mike‘s expression as captured in the reference photograph I sketched. The photo was not grainy, like the one I copied yesterday, so I could have copied his facial features precisely. I tried to, but came up with a different look. Mike appeared to be disgusted and perhaps a […]

Mike Sketch Series: Mike with Hands on his Face 1991

I copied this image from a grainy photo I took of my brother Mike.  The facial expression I captured was not the one that I caught in the photo. That I made the same error in a previous sketch makes me curious about what this says about me as an artist. In my self portrait […]

Mike Sketch Series: Party Mike 1998

When I was immersed in the project of documenting my brother Mike‘s life, I spent a lot of time with him.  I took the photograph on which this sketch is based, when I visited him at his group home just before one of their Christmas parties. Mike was just about ready, and he seemed excited. […]