Put it Back

Why can’t people leave things the way they found them?  It seems to be common courtesy if nothing else. My photo today is a case in point. Whoever painted the lines for this parking space, by necessity, had to overlay the manhole cover. It appears that a workman required access to the space underneath said […]

Broad and Narrow Lines

I filled the white traces left by the frisket (watercolor resist medium) with thin, dark earth tone pigments. However, before I removed the medium, I colored the paper with a combination of  broad strokes of yellows (centrally located) and blues (located peripherally). I used lighter earth tones and brighter reds, again in broad strokes, to […]

Light, Hole and Wheel

My wanderings around the parking lot during my work break seem to get later and later. Outside keeps getting darker and darker. In front of me was a scene that caught my eye, for some reason. There were three elements that I had to capture in my camera. For some reason it made visual sense. […]

Images Added to Dream Background

I created a dream image background a few days ago (Dream Image Background 10-3-17). I was hoping that, in the interim, I would remember more examples of pictures to represent on my background. Chicago: The matrix of colored patches represents Chicago. I don’t know why Chicago should have appeared in my dream. The last time […]

Watercolor Nebula

I haven’t used rough-finished watercolor paper in a while. I remember that I enjoyed working with this texture. To increase the irregularities of the surface, I obtained a spray bottle and some pretzel salt. I applied the pigments as usual,  applied the salt and soaked the paper with my nebulizer. Voilá, a nebula!

Bright Ribbon Abstract

Frequently. the lines in my free form designs intertwine. Sometimes I concentrate on the larger forms to which they contribute their areas. But today I painted between some of the twisting lines to create thin ribbons that thicken as they traverse the expanse of the paper. They seem to float in front of the earth […]

Bicycle Rack

I rarely work the day shift. It is nice to be able see daylight when I go outside on break. I found this make-shift bicycle rack. I think the bike is locked to the gas pipes that supply the cooking equipment within. I suppose the bicycle belongs to the chef.  

Dream Background 10-3-17

I frequently have vivid dreams. Most of the images in my dreams are characters in a story that my mind makes up. Most of the stories are variations on a theme. Some of them are very inventive. One of my dreams even had credits at the end, just like a movie; they scrolled to fast […]

Paint Chipping

The side of this garage was one big paint chipping paradise. Fortunately, there was enough flaking at eye level for me to square-up a nice sample of the expanse. This is the vertical equivalent to my parking-lot line series (e.g. Aging Parking Lot Segment, NO PAR KING, Rare Yellow, Derelict Parking Lot). I suspect the […]

Abstract 100317

I had no plan for this composition, except perhaps, to see the interaction of the pigments. There is a suggestion of pages of a book stacked upon each other, or bowed, one end attached to the spine, the other free. This might be creative bleed-through from my painting posted the other day. Another quick glance […]