Portrait of Waiting Person in Context

This year I have been concentrating on drawing portraits of individuals or groups of people who are waiting. My sketches have been mostly close-ups that focus on body language or gesture. Today, I expanded my scope to give the viewer an idea of the surroundings.

Man in Sharply-Ironed Clothes

The gentleman across the way was wearing the sharpest shirt and trousers I have ever seen.  And I do mean sharp!  I don’t think that his clothes were starched, or they would have cracked when he moved. I was thinking about working some more on this drawing. I would concentrate the straight lines of the […]

Thinking Up a Toast

They really weren’t. The bottle of water I drew looks more like a wine bottle. The two people, who were actually chatting look more like they are waiting for something to happen. The title works for the reality I created, not for the world of those two, at that moment. I can do this, since […]

Lone Woman in Waiting Room

I sketched this scene with a pencil that was harder than the one I used yesterday (4B used yesterday, HB used today). Making easy-to-see marks with a harder pencil takes more pressure than it does with a softer pencil. I don’t work well with harder marks, so the drawing below is not that easy to […]

The Family That Reads Together

I love this collection of people. Each has his/her own visual charm. I captured the slouch of the far right character (on the second try). I used a soft pencil to sketch this group portrait. This allows my initial marks to be spontaneous as well as visible (without overworking them, as I must do with […]

Book Club

One usually doesn’t see more that three people sitting together in the cafe at the bookstore; and they are usually silent. So when I saw three tables pushed together, with at least 6 characters gathered around, I took notice. It was lovely when one of them began to read aloud.