Lines into Action

Today, we were in the same neighborhood where I captured painted lines on the ground last month. Not the lines that indicate parking places but lines that seemed like directions of some sort. They were in code. Here is a shot of the people who know the code and are building/installing to the proper specifications.


It is difficult to draw a free-form design without a preconceived image. I started the pattern below with just a couple of ideas in my mind: curves that open up to the edge of the page; wavy curves. The raw pattern sketched in pencil enclosed many areas of varying size. However, for the most part, […]

Cactus Protection Scheme

I don’t know if it is too late to save my succulent (see Damn Squirrels). But I have an idea for how to protect the next one, should I choose to leave it outside with the devil squirrels that think it is a dispenser of snacks. Below is my no-so-engineering-like visual description of my scheme. […]

Another Studio Sketch

Now and then I make a sketch of my studio. It’s messy enough to be interesting. Today I found that I am getting better at placing my shapes in the frame and estimating proportions properly. I used a combination of watercolor paints, broad-tip and brush markers and fine-tip pens for this composition. Previous studio sketches […]

Curb with Old Paint

I saw an interesting curb on the way back home. I like the texture of the old paint. It looks like a thick coat. The bricks compliments the color of the paint; their textures contrast. The shadow provides a rich dark tone thereby setting up a full range of tonal values.  

Hotel Lighting

I saw this lamp from across the room. The light and the shadow it cast caused me to snap the shutter for today’s photograph. I adjusted the focal length of the camera to re-frame the light source amidst the intervening structures. Thus, this photo is not just about the light, but about the rectangular areas […]

Street and Parking Lot Hydrants

These hydrants, water meters and standpipes serve two potential fire venues, the street and the parking lot.  I wonder if this arrangement was planned. Other photographic captures are found in the following posts: Fire Plugs, Fireplugs, the Beginning, Shiny Standpipe, What Luck!, Colorful Fireplugs, Fire Hydrant, From the Top.

Fire Hydrant, From the Top

I have trouble resisting shiny things. This bright red fire hydrant is located between my house and the Post Office. The sun caught it just right and I could not just walk by without snapping it. I’ve lost track of the number of photographs in my fireplug (also known as hydrant or standpipe) series. Other […]

Helping Hands

Sometimes people just need a helping hand or two. A strong back doesn’t hurt either. Blocks and ovals make up this composition, and fill out the picture space quite nicely. Colors are mostly harmonious, with just a touch of contrasting color. I like the geometry of this piece and its simplicity.