Future Memories

My wife, Joy, and I are currently staying at her cousin’s house.  I may have mentioned the other day that the house , Joy and her cousins have a long history together. I find myself sketching and painting in the back yard every day. There are wonderful rocks and iron lanterns in what is left of […]

Back to Reading

I was like a kid in a candy store yesterday. However in this case my candy store was a book store. Instead of just browsing, I actually bought a stack of really interesting books, thanks to the thoughtful birthday gifts from my friends and family. I bought a lot of books about the brain. Fascination […]


My friend Jessica Safran coined the term ‘identity shift’ to apply to how one’s view of self changes when a settled way of life suddenly changes. Examples of this include: losing a parent or loved one; becoming sick; getting married, and so on.  Some life changes alter the future course of one’s life while others […]

Traveling Case

With great displacement comes great responsibility – to coin a phrase. I haven’t painted that much recently. Since Joy and I relocated to a relative’s house, it hasn’t been my top priority, nor do I have a regular place to paint. When I do paint, I check to make sure I’m not in the way; I […]

Post-Birthday Post

The day went well I am so happy to say that my birthday went well.  Most of my cousins from Joy’s side of the family came to dinner in celebration of the start of my 63rd year.  I was so pleased that those involved in the melt-down and our subsequent displacement also came, as invited.  […]


It has always been interesting to read about the lives of others. The biography genre offers so many possibilities. One can read about successes and failures and, in many cases can identify with famous thinkers and writers. Identifying with other people can be comforting in many cases. Somehow, being odd or out of place isn’t […]


I haven’t finished the watercolor from yesterday’s sketch yet.  There is so much turbulence: 1) my wife and I are in one room of a cousin’s house. She was frequently here as a child, so she has fond memories. It is sad though, since her aunt who’s house it was died just a month ago. […]

Emotional Vision

Recapping from the past couple of days, for those of you who are just starting to read my blog: My wife and I suddenly had to move out of our shared home of 6 years; we are living with other family about a 10 minute drive from where we used to live.  Although we are […]

Live From Off-Center

For those of you who haven’t visited my blog for a while, my wife and I suddenly moved from our shared home of 6 years (Bad Day, Bad Day and its Identity Shift).  Yesterday’s watercolor experiment (Still Disoriented), was an abstract enactment of a moment from the incident that precipitated our move. Today’s experiment I was looking out […]

Still Disoriented

I’m grateful Thank you to: Liz, Chez, Kathryn, Brett, Jennifer and AmbivalenceGirl for your support, your comments and good wishes in response to my recent posts. They mean a lot to me. I also thank, Aquileana, Icsoup, ItsAMustardworld, ShootingVenice and Berlin, Mejfote, LaLocaBrujita, SoLetUsKnow, RevealIllusions, P0vestiare, MichaelEhrhard, Mundoinesperado and CrazyArtist for liking my posts during the […]

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