Light, Hole and Wheel

My wanderings around the parking lot during my work break seem to get later and later. Outside keeps getting darker and darker. In front of me was a scene that caught my eye, for some reason. There were three elements that I had to capture in my camera. For some reason it made visual sense. […]

Pink Bicycle

For some reason, I always like taking pictures of bicycles. Bicycles have symmetry; their styles change over the years, but the wheels stay the same. Backgrounds are equally, if not more important. Several things caught my eye in this scene. Is the bicycle rider really handicapped? The bicycle is pink (generally understood to be feminine), […]

Light Pole

I was on break, yet again today. I wandered to the warehouse wall that is a palette for the afternoon sun. This time the light pole shadow (from the same pole that wanted to be a tree, from the other day) barely reached the wall. The diagonal slats are framed by the construction elements of the […]

Left Lane Ends

Sometimes I just have to snap the shutter. I took this photo in traffic just before entering the Lincoln Tunnel, headed to New Jersey from New York City, years ago. I like the geometry of the square sign, the trapezoidal opening to the tunnel on the other side of the road and the diagonals of […]


Sometimes visual elements align themselves and just beg to be preserved. This happened today while I was on break. The nearly-empty parking lot caught my eye. The top of the building reminded me of the sprocket holes on the edge of a roll of film. For those of you not familiar with film, it used […]

Shading Solids

This began as a study in shading. I drew two circles, and (curved) tangents that met at two separate vanishing points. I intended these two triangular constructions to be the sources of light for each of the circles. I shaded the first circle beginning with dark on the outside gradually becoming white in the center; the other I […]

Planes, Grids and Curves

Today is another in my grid series (see Seeking Inspiration, Abstract with Grids and Circles, Harlequin Pattern). I drew two sets of intersecting lines, hiding the vertex of one of them by the unobstructed plane formed by the other. Then I divided each into a grid of rectangles, which gradually distorted into rhombus shapes. I […]

Harlequin Pattern

This is the third in my series of abstract sketches using checked patterns within triangular shapes.  In this version, the vertices of each triangle are more acute than the previous sketches (Seeking Inspiration and Abstract with Grids and Circles).  The visual planes set up by the triangles are subdivided into grids of diamond shapes instead […]

Abstract 040216

Today’s watercolor is a variation on yesterday’s.  The two stalks surrounded by geometric shapes are pointed toward the green circle in this rendition; yesterday, they seemed to be shrinking away from the orb. The figures do not ‘pop’ as well in today’s study. I believe that some kind of organizing narrative could be constructed by […]

Abstract 033116

I nailed the wash today. It may not seem so from the photo of today’s composition, but there is clearly a gradual progression from the warm English yellow at the top of composition to the cool lemon yellow at the bottom. Yesterday, I made my two straight line forms cross; today, they are separated. I […]