Mike-Related Watercolor: Lines of Communication (?) (2016)

For those who have not been following my blog, Mike is my older brother. He is autistic, nonverbal and low functioning. Only once did I have an inkling that he recognized me. Gaining his attention was an effort. I used to love patting him on the chest.

Mike Sketch Series: Jack Patting Mike on the Chest, November 1993

Mike sometimes responded to me when I patted him on the chest. I got the impression that he liked it. He was always hitting himself on the chest, so I wonder if a less violent touch somehow communicated to him. I hope that it showed love.

Thoughts About Mike’s Hand

I was a bit shaken with the video visit with my brother Mike, yesterday.  Mike was hospitalized with some serious health issues.  The medical folks aren’t even sure he can be removed from the respirator.  However, it was something (comparably) minor that caught my attention. Mike’s hand was in an unnatural position. It looked painful. […]

Hospital Communication: Do Not Consider that Your Message is Understood the First Time

My brother Mike is in hospital. It is bad enough that he is not allowed visitors, but he is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal. Mike has been a regular at the hospital. His care givers pay close attention to keeping him healthy. His problems are now worse than they have ever been. He is 70 […]


Below is my impression of a visit to a psychiatrist’s office (those who still engage in talk therapy). In this little skit, the shrink talks and the patient absorbs what he can, even if it is not what the psychiatrist says.  The patient, in turn uses what he hears to help himself with what is […]

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