Persimmon Leaves

I’m taking a sabbatical from my fig leaf renderings for a bit (see Fall Fig Leaves and Fallen Fig Leaf), but not from leaves altogether. The persimmon tree in the next yard extends several branches above the fence, into our yard. We get the leaves and our choice of the fruit that hangs over. When the fruit […]

Fallen Fig Leaf

Today’s watercolor experiment: Yesterday’s post was a rendition of a grouping of fig leaves in situ on the fig tree in our back yard. I was attracted by the fall colors and shadows. I left the composition without unifying the disparate shapes of the different color/shading values, leaving a rather abstract collection of forms. Today, […]

Fall Fig Leaves

The sun glints off the yellow and green fig leaves in our back yard every morning for the past couple of weeks. Every morning, they are so striking that I want to take a picture of them. It is the same view every day, but I still want to capture it each time I see it. Sometimes […]

Portrait of a Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. It is that time of year here in the US. There is quite a frenzy for those of us who venture out. The pie store had a line out the door; people waiting for their apple, pumpkin, cherry pies. They ran out of mincemeat, so don’t even ask. For the past week […]

Dot Crazy

Watercolor/ink experiment: I painted the conglomeration of dots you see below, a couple of days ago, in the midst of my ink dot exploration craze – I mean, phase. In this composition I washed the paper with Prussian blue and cadmium yellow pale before dotting. I used a combination of drawing and calligraphy inks on […]

Rainbow Flower

A few weeks ago I took a picture of a red hibiscus flower on the short walk from the driveway to our front door. I always do that – take pictures of something that strikes my eye. Usually a brilliant color or subtle design attracts my attention. That day, I had an additional unexpected pleasure: lens […]

Hummingbird Flower

I love hummingbirds. When I lived on the east coast, I would see them from time to time, but here in California, they are everywhere. Not so much at this time of year, but I did see one just a couple of days ago. When we go to my wife’s cousin’s house, I am always […]

Dot Dragon

Today’s watercolor experiment: I’ve been a little frustrated with dots lately (Reticulations, Dot Matrix). I do admit, it is fun watching them disperse and make tiny little patterns (the drawing inks, that is). The calligraphy inks are a different story. They just spread out without a pattern at all. It is as if they want […]

Dot Matrix

Today’s watercolor experiment:  I practiced a bit more with inks on watercolor paper today. The grid I drew was to be the framework for a series of drips. Although I was careful in my draftsmanship, I threw caution to the wind after flooding the entire rough-surfaced paper with water. My first drip, burnt sienna (I was mistaken yesterday […]