Today, for a change of pace, I created a watercolor rendition of some of the nespoli in the back yard. Just joking. It is not a change of pace, since nespoli are the same as loquats. (I think nespoli is plural. I have never heard of a nespolum, or a nespolus.) I decided to include a […]

Loquat Tree Detail

There were too many loquats to paint yesterday (see Overdone?). Today I just painted a portion of them. This composition warrants more attention. There is potential for abstracting the curves of the leaves, the ribs within the leaves and the pattern of the fruit on their stems.


The loquat tree in the back yard is just drooping with fruit. As soon as they are ripe, the squirrels will descend like locusts and the loquats will be gone. I worry about the branches, which are already strained with weight. Adding the weight of a couple of squirrels could be disastrous. The timing will be tricky […]

Desktop Continued

The last watercolor sketch of my desktop was of its left side. Today I continued with more of the right side of my work surface. It takes some concentration when painting the tools that one works with. I had to be ever mindful of using a paintbrush or paint that was in the scene that […]


The thought was to document the ‘before’ and ‘after’ condition of the desk where I paint. I have  dozens of brushes and they are disposed variously in empty tea canisters, pill bottles and the odd hollowed-out bamboo segment. Below is a representation of part of my desk showing some of the brush receptacles as well as dishes I […]

Happy Day

The kids came up to see us. It was a family function. We took photographs on the porch.  I normally don’t paint portraits of people I know, family members especially. Everybody’s a critic and frankly, I’m embarrassed at my dearth of skill in producing a passable likenesses.  However, art is about taking risks so below […]


I took the photo below during one of my walks in Brooklyn, when I lived in NYC in the 1980s and 90s. It was somewhere near the Verrazano Bridge that connects Brooklyn to Staten Island. I like the gentle curve of the park benches as well as the sawtooth shadows of the slats on the bench […]

Cloudy Sunset

I love sunsets and clouds. I paint sunsets fairly well, but clouds present a problem.  Today, the sky was changeable. There were clouds of all kinds. Dark clouds provided a background for diaphanous white/yellow wisps. There were high altitude clouds looking down on their more photogenic cousins. I took a photograph of a portion of the […]

Cat Looking at Me Looking at Graffiti

I took many photographs of graffiti when I lived in New York City in the 1990s (see Listing of Previous Graffiti Sketches, NYC Graffiti Watercolors – For Sale). On one of my walks, I came across two extraordinary images. One was a cat that looked like it was wearing an overcoat, the other was a […]

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