Brooklyn Pasttime

Grand Army Plaza, pictured yesterday, wasn’t the only attraction at Brooklyn Day in 1990. I found a section where girls were jumping rope. One of the photos in the background must have been a famous jump roper from the past. I didn’t recognize her, but I enjoyed the feelings of the old times in Brooklyn. It […]

Brooklyn Day

I’m not sure when Brooklyn Day is exactly, but I took many photos at the 1990 Brooklyn Day celebration. I think my Aunt Harriet lived on Eastern Parkway, which is right off Grand Army Plaza. The arch at Grand Army Plaza is shown in the photo below.

Too Light for Heavy Work

I couldn’t resist photographing this painted stop sign. After the paint dried, another street crew must have found it necessary to remove the circular iron grid upon which some of the sign was painted. Far from being attentive to details, the crew did not replace the very heavy manhole cover in the right position.  I know […]

The Ride Home

I love the atmospherics of the photograph below. I took it early in 1990 when I was in a car pool commuting from Brooklyn to New York, where I worked. I used to leaf through books of New York City photographs taken by the old masters and pined for the times that they depicted. Some of […]

Night and Day

I took two photographs of the Pan Am building from my apartment, back in the late 1980s. A superposition of the two shots would not preserve the features of the skyline in daylight, so I offset one image from he other.  

Toy Center

I was just getting used to New York as my city in 1988, when I took the photo below.  Everything about New York was new to me back then and I enjoyed the visual incongruences that I could capture in my camera. The scene below was taken in on 23rd Street and 5th Avenue looking […]

Executive Gifts

In 1990 I experimented with double exposures, using my 35mm film camera. After taking an entire roll of pictures, I cranked the film back into its canister, leaving enough of the film protruding so I could re-load it. I had some idea of the sequence of pictures I took during the first pass of the film. […]

Respectful Graffiti Artist

Imagine a world in which signs are obeyed.  My photo below is a glimpse of such a world.  The graffiti artist as well as would-be bill posters left the wall un-besmirched on this artfully-constructed wall. I guess the artist felt free to express him/herself on the federally-owned post office relay boxes. Or maybe I just got […]

Other Side

I took this photograph in Brooklyn somewhere. I like normally-exposed images as a rule but there is something about the arrangement of signage and the surrounding detritus that meshes with the underexposure of this image of a hidden corner of Brooklyn.

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