Very-Much-Prettier-in-Person Woman and Boyfriend

Intimidation?  Possibly.  I am always wary of someone protesting my sketching, particularly when I’m sitting directly across from them. No one has every said a thing. This woman was so pretty that maybe I didn’t want to stare. I did her an injustice.

Two Guys Waiting for Their Cars at the Dealer

I’ve been doing most of my waiting in waiting rooms in the medical setting. Of course there are other kinds of waiting areas: those for transportation (i.e., airports, train stations); those for products (mainly lines, for tickets, new product releases, etc.); and for services (which may include lines and seating areas, such as the Department of Motor […]

Cold Little Girl In the Midst of Studiers

The little girl was very difficult to draw. She was always moving, trying to get her tiny denim jacket in the right position to keep her warm. She must have been too cold to read or to look through picture books. Mom wasn’t too long reading her own books though. The child warmed up quickly.