Girl with Crossed Legs

This girl’s legs came out heavier than they were in real life.  You can see this from her sandaled shoe resting on the floor. Her ankle was very thin.  I just failed to match it up with the northern part of her leg. Blind drawing has its drawbacks sometimes.

Trio: Girl With Fingers in Her Hair; Man with Glasses and Man with Ambiguous Chin

The man’s ‘ambiguous chin’ is an artifact of the blind drawing process. Lifting the pen point and re-placing it where one thinks it should go, doesn’t always work out on paper.  The  girl’s fingers are another matter. She brushed her hair with them briefly from time to time. I sketched the idea of her hands, […]

Portrait in Hall of Windows

Last summer my brother took me to the Magritte show in San Francisco.  That being the environment, I was sensitive to the surrealistic images that surrounded me. Instead of ignoring errant reflections, I sought them out. Below is a portrait of my brother Dave at that exhibition.

Very-Much-Prettier-in-Person Woman and Boyfriend

Intimidation?  Possibly.  I am always wary of someone protesting my sketching, particularly when I’m sitting directly across from them. No one has every said a thing. This woman was so pretty that maybe I didn’t want to stare. I did her an injustice.