Rough drive back home. Made great time for about 300 miles then, out of nowhere, the road was like a parking lot. The rest of the trip took forever, and I’m beat. I say this by way of apology for not posting a new watercolor. I made a number of attempts to sketch William, my […]

Artist and Artwork

Will, my grandson, loves clocks. Especially Big Ben. It all started when he saw the Back to the Future, He loved that Dr. Brown saved the day by channeling the lightning, he knew would strike the clock tower, to the Delorian/time machine, and send it back to the future. Will is posing amidst his representation of that […]

Helping Hands

Sometimes people just need a helping hand or two. A strong back doesn’t hurt either. Blocks and ovals make up this composition, and fill out the picture space quite nicely. Colors are mostly harmonious, with just a touch of contrasting color. I like the geometry of this piece and its simplicity.  

Birthday Diminishment

I’m having a milestone birthday today. It’s not like it used to be. Nobody knows what I was like when I was a kid any more. They’re all gone. I won’t have to listen to Dad’s yearly reminiscence that I made him miss breakfast the day I was born; I won’t get a call from […]

Abstract Portrait 071517

I started drawing today’s free-form figure with my left hand, just for a change. However, I quickly changed back to my right hand. I made two different designs that overlapped. That was the easy part. I thought quite a bit about where to start on this mass of intertwining lines. Once a bounded area is […]

Curvilinear Man

I had fun with free-form drawing today. I drew the curvy figure outline with one stroke, including the figure ‘8’ that I made into sun glasses. I’m not sure where I got the idea to make a cube, or how I decided to place it in the composition. I drew solid lines for the front […]

Bikon and Self Portrait

I could not resist putting myself in this snapshot. To tell the truth, it was nearly impossible to keep the camera shadow out of the shot. However, a good photograph is in part, about photography, about the photographer and of course, about the subject. In portraiture, there is interaction between the photographer and the person […]

Mike Portrait No. 7 June 2017 – Fear

This may be the last portrait in the June 2017 series of portraits of and about my older brother Mike.*  I don’t think there is much more for me to say, visually, about Mike at this time. Forcing the issue is not a productive endeavor, so for the moment I will put it to rest. […]

Mike Portrait No. 6 – Hiding

Yesterday’s portrait showed my brother Mike’s* rage at himself. His self harm would usually involve hitting his head, biting his hand and slamming his arm into his chest. I mentioned yesterday that, when I was growing up in the 1950s and 60s, I was not frightened of him.  Maybe I should have been. Mom told […]