Early Break

I’m using my coffee breaks to sketch. Since my breaks are 15 minutes, I must be quick. I want to capture the spirit of the scene as well as the important physical features, to make it recognizable. Much can change in 15 minutes in a cafe. In the scene below, the lady standing at the […]

View from the Cafe

I like my 15 minutes in the cafe, when I work.  I recon I spend 10 minutes on each sketch and 5 minutes trying to avoid burning my mouth on the hot beverage I get at the beginning of my coffee break. I feel the excitement when I work toward a completed sketch within a […]

In the Car: Early to Work

Sometimes, when I’m early to work, I just wait in the car for a while. Now and then I practice drawing. In today’s world of glass windows and reflective storefronts, we don’t always notice reflections. They become invisible unless we make ourselves aware of them. I only captured a few of them in my sketch […]

Parking Lot Moment

I have photographed many examples of parking lot spaces, from repainted space delimiters during the day, worn spacers lines at night, line patterns, curbs, to red and blue curbs, to bumpy skid-proof mats for helping to prevent pedestrian mis-steps. Below is a drawing I made from within one of those parking spots.

Reading Break

One think I like about my new job is, if I forget to bring along the book I’m reading, I can go to where it resides on the shelf, pick up a copy and read it during my break.  However, the job is not without its ethical challenges. For instance, a customer asked me to […]

Self Portrait – Why the Long Face?

The short answer is, “The paper made me do it.” It is oblong (approximately 5×8 inches). I had to fit my features within this constraint.  I have also started wading into my new book, Paul Klee: Irony at Work, by Angela Lampe, Michael Baumgartner. There are a series of portraits at the beginning that captured my […]

Waiting Room

I found myself without a pencil (again) today. I like drawing with a pen these days. It is much less forgiving than drawing with an erasable implement but the pen shows each and every stroke.  The collection of slashes and strokes give the resulting sketch directness.  The ‘post production’ phase of a pencil drawing may […]