Two Spaces

I was struck by the difference between waiting room space and the promise of a capacious inner office, in the waiting area. The sanctum was partially visible through an open half-window, only revealing hints of what lie behind the door. If I were a child, I would have been terrified. From a lower vantage point, […]

The Couple

Pencil sketching technique is a lot different than using pen and ink. Every wiggle of the pen must be worked in to the drawing, even if the movement is unanticipated. But false moves with a pencil are not that drastic. They can be blended with a stump or even (perish the thought) erased. Here is […]

Clock Room

Today’s sketch is of the desk in the room formerly known as ‘the studio‘ , partially rearranged by my grandson, William, during his project of the day. He succeeded  in building a model of the Hillsdale clock tower, whose clock, he told me, stopped at 10:04 PM during a lightning storm in 1955. (More about […]

Lost Time

William, my grandson, and family are visiting. We haven’t seen them in about 6 months. Upon arrival, he apologized for not bringing his tool kit. He had planned for us to repair the grandfather clock in the hallway. William is 5 years old and very optimistic about repairing clocks. He dubbed my studio, “the clock […]

Beauty Parlor Waiting

Its a good thing I had my Deluxe Swiss Army knife with me today.  I was waiting for Joy in the beauty parlor, all ready to sketch but could not find my drawing pen anywhere. BUT, my Deluxe Swiss Army knife had a pen! It was nothing to speak of, just a ball point pen […]

Busy Man

When I’m on my break, the people in the cafe are usually frozen in position, reading or studying. As I was trying to sketch the man below the Maltese Falcon poster, he shifted his body before I could scribble his pose; when I tried sketching him in his new position, he moved again. The resulting […]

Woman with Drying Nails, on the Phone

As an observer at a nail salon the other day, I noticed that the penultimate stage of a pedicure required the use of a tissue paper brass knuckle arrangement to keep the toes apart so they would dry properly. Nothing of the sort was offered for the hands, however. The lady pictured below was doing […]